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Huh. I finally shut down my computer to complete a series of tasks I've been putting off: 

  • Install the new RAM, swap the power strip to one that's just a surge protector (battery backup isn't as vital to my desktop these days)
  • Sorted out some of the under-desk wiring
  • Swapped in the new speakers since the wire from the sub under the desk to the speakers above had something funky going on right at the connector.

It's been worth it. Back up to my desired amount of RAM (32 GB, because Cities: Skylines goes hlarghbrgbhft! nomfnomfnomf to the 16 GB I was running on since the new build). Getting the underdesk wiring sorted gives me increased legroom, because it allowed me to move the old UPS out from there.

I just want some zip ties, so I can anchor the new power strip to the desk leg for more out of the way and off the floor goodness. I also need to find something to raise my tower about 6 to 9 inches off the floor.

If I can figure out some kind of under-desk shelving unit to go along with this, then I can move my router cube off the corner of my desk while I'm at it.

A longthought. I obnoxiously label it "IT'S MY DAMN MONEY, LET ME SPEND IT WHERE I WANT TO." 

Since I've been home, furloughed for the last month, I've been paying off a few medical expenses to get those off the board.

This said, I still have the cash right now to spend on buying a big, fat tired scooter that I can sit on and ride to the grocery store or the farmer's market (which has spread out the booths to be able to comply with personal distancing guidelines).

A personal vehicle would benefit me in several ways, but I don't really want a gas-engined automobile, and I really don't want to get into a loan situation to buy an EV with how this economy is surely going.

So, I've eyeballed a few electric scooter choices. This one stands out to me because the pricing is fair enough, and would more than meet my needs for a local commuting object.

The problem, however, is my financial institution.

I'm probably going to have to get on the horn with them and ask/insist/request that they raise my daily maximum transaction limit temporarily, because that's the thing that's blocked me from buying this scooter, a vehicle that I can say I need with public transportation being less available and a bit scarier to use.

Collecting spoons to deal with people on the phone now. X_x;

Weird ass dreams (mh-?) 

I've just had some really weird dreams as of late.

Last night, it was about my adoptive parents, with us living right around the corner from where I live now. Dad's on hospice, and we were waiting for a medical transportation company to come pick up mom in a wheelchair van (mom never used a wheelchair). Someone broke into the house while I walked to the end of the street I currently live on to get the driver's attention.

"Hey, boss, we're a block over," I tell him as I approach his vehicle. He hands me a card, nods, and gets back into his van while I'm walking back over, and I see the door's been kicked in on the first floor.

So I walk in on the second floor entrance (this house was deceptively tall, and I don't know how I walked in on this floor, it's a dream, duh), and grab a couple of knives from the kitchen that was in the right place at the right time.

My cousins are running around, screaming, "I GOTTA PEE! I GOTTA PEEEEEEEE!"

And then I woke up.

Because I had to pee.

It was 04:35.

Physical health (-) 

Holy shit, why is my blood sugar over fucking 425 right now?

It must have been the french fries with my veggie burger, but I've never had it slap me this fucking hard.

I'm exhausted, night.


It's like no-one sells 49cc scooters in my part of Oregon! They're all up in damn PORTLAND.

I do not want to have to ride a scooter at 30 miles per hour all the way south. That's a four hour trip if I rolled non-stop.

Ramble about transportation and SARS-CoV-2 altered environments. 

I would really like my very own motorized conveyance.

I went for a bicycle ride today because I had to return a consumable item that I purchased yesterday that had gone well past its date. It was not safely consumable -- 6 months expired, yuck.

I ended up cycling further up past that store to pick up a few items (saltines, tuna, popcorn and licorice for the curious). I only ended up cycling up to the other store because I mistimed my first store visit by 90 seconds, resulting in a missed bus. And on that same theme, I missed the return bus by, again, 90 seconds.

I am thankful for the exercise, at least, but it just really reminds me that I want the power to say "I want to be home quickly." and have the ability to self-grant that request.
That's something you can't do in our current environment when you rely on public transportation.

So now, I'm eyeballing gas powered 49.5cc scooters, in addition to electric bikes.

Problem with e-bikes is that unless you're building it yourself, you get hammered in the butt by exaggerated pricing without getting the matching performance, or you get something that's made of super flimsy Garbaganium that falls apart in months.

More and more, I miss the old Mozilla Firefox. The one with extensions that actually could do things.

Modern Firefox is faster, yes, but it removes so much of the automation that I use that it's garbage, all to kiss Google Chrome's ass.

End result of this whole system upgrade?

I have a machine that's beautiful in playing Forza Horizon 3.

I haven't tried any of my other pain point games yet, but ASRock came through for me yet again where Gigabyte just stares at the wall, monging out.

I need a moist towel after that.

Good news so far: flipped to the new motherboard that arrived. System posted on the first try.

Now to drop in my old video card, test for POST and boot, and then the new card if old card works fine.

I am looking forward to high quality hooning in Forza Horizon tonight. :)

First things first in Forza Horizon 4: I picked up the Rimac Concept 2, since I had all those points to spend.

Oh hell yes, where has this car BEEN?

Next up: motherboards. My new board arrived while I was writing this toot. Just had lunch, so I need to shut my current machine down, pull the board and swap it. Drop the CPU from old board to new, and make sure it all works.

If it all works, I can send back the old board to the seller, thank them for their business, and maybe send back the new video card if the old one works as expected. I mean, I don't have to have a Radeon RX580...

I'm curious.

How safe is it to turn on a UV C lamp that's enshrined in a styrofoam box that has one inch thick sides?

Askin' for a friend.

Well, it seems the PCIe x16 rail might be my big issue on the new computer.

I spent a buncha dosh on a new video card just to have the option to test the slot again, and yeah, it doesn't seem like it can be anything BUT the damn slot.

So, hoping to hear back from the seller, see what they want to do about the system: With the GPU out, I can POST and boot to an operating system with no problem.

Only when a video card gets dropped in does things go south.

Fingers crossed that the seller gets back to me soon.

TKS-ScleraBurn has ignited. I am on the new computer, but not without a complication that I don't have the accelerant needed to sort right now.

I cannot get the system to post with my Radeon RX470 installed.

The card itself works when I put it back in Ascenci's old body, so I know the card didn't just up and die. I need something to plop in that PCIe rail to make sure it's not the rail that's horked.

Tomorrow, though.

Tonight? I'm shutting the machine down. Apparently, Gigabyte doesn't have an option in BIOS that turns off system LEDs except when a failure has occurred. That's an ASRock feature that I already miss.

It is time.

AE-Ascenci has served me well in her current form and previous iteration as Genju.

There is a computer under my desk that has not been given the blessing of a Name, but is ready to take on the mantle and be my new workstation. It needs storage installed.

In a few minutes, I'll be shutting AE-Ascenci down to migrate storage devices and the video card over.

Ascenci may be going away, but will not be forgotten.

See you all on the other side. πŸ’»β€‹

Furry Smut. (Cardiophilia ahead) 

I grew up in the age of toony everything, and one of my favorite gags is where there's that whole heart thing poking out of the chest in an unrealistic manner while the character is ogling something that turns them on.

So I let GlenSkunk ( draw something like this for me.

I kind of want to do it again. >_>

Good fortune. (finances +) 

I got a random check in the mail today from a class action suit that I had forgotten about, and it was for significantly more than I was expecting.

When that check clears, I can probably order an inexpensive FCAW welder setup of some sort.

If nothing else, since I still own the old, busted bike frame, if I can get some steel to weld and reinforce the frame, I could put the bike back into service after all.

It'd be the least expensive way to approach this project. All I'd need then is a replacement connector and a new battery. Already needed a new battery anyway since Southtown Power Supply screwed up and cost me money in the short run.

The downside of my current furlough from work is that I don't have a significant enough store of cash to buy welding equipment or steel and tech myself how to weld.
Something like this would be an ideal build for me for the coming months.

I've hit a new level of boredom in this furlough. Since the bulk of my laundry is done (I have two loads left, by my recollection), and I don't feel like hooning in Forza Horizon 4 today...

I'm searching Alibaba for electric bicycles and motorcycles to pass the time.

Sure, I could go to bed and read, or do the physical therapy session that I should've done yesterday, but finding electric conveyance after electric conveyance with pricing that on the surface seems quite reasonable ($180 per unit? What IS the shipping cost?) is keeping me entertained just enough to not go stir crazy.

Last night's thoughts must have been prophetic. I didn't get my water.
I woke up with cotton mouth. Ugh.

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