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I am in this limbo state of feeling.
I feel tolerable enough to sit up in bed with some ambient music.
I feel about okay enough to go grab my knockoff dremel clone, and see about doing my toenails (because foot health is pretty important).
But HECK me if I think about eating stuff less bland than saltines, haha.
(Potted meat is apparently fair game. Just salt and offal, I'm sure.)

I tried to buy a used cellphone today at the mall.

There's a shop in the local mall that buys and sells cellphones. The shop had an ASUS ZenFone V for a tolerable price. I bought it, and immediately headed to the Verizon shop at the mall, because I needed a SIM with NFC (because VZW still has separate SKUs for this).

Guy offered to swap the SIM and activate the phone for me.

... and promptly discovered the phone on a non-payment suspend from the previous user.

Crap. Had to return the phone.

I am feeling like my visit to the hospital the other night might have a part two tonight. (TMI, πŸ₯œ) Show more

Bah. I'm running out of patience with Motorola right now. I'm legit considering walking in to this used phone store and seeing what they have for $150.
Surely, it cannot be worse than my current phone (Lumia 735).

Hello from the hospital!

I'm ready to be checked, found as broken, and fixed. It's bad enough that urgent care told me to go straight to the emergency department for an ultrasound.

Fediverse, lemme pick y'all's brains for a minute, yeah?

Please read the email in this screenshot.

The section highlighted in the rectangle is the focus. Once you read this, answer this question:

Where do I acquire a shipping box, and are there any expenses?

This said, if anyone would like to help me offset the cost of a non-Motorola phone, because I suspect this will be needed very soon, I would love it.
Please spread the word.

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And I'm back on Windows Phone, at least temporarily.
The temperamental Moto G6 Play decided to give up the ghost after two months of service. I've got to send it off for warranty service.
I expect Motorola, a LeNOvo company, to fuck me over in some way.

I'm really beginning to hate cellphones... :/

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I wonder if I'm starting to get old.

I've got a few stray grays here and there in my facials.
I got super excited when we finally got ride-hailing here today: the very first thing I did? Go to the damn GROCERY STORE with it. Seriously.
What did I nearly do afterward?
Request a ride to go to ANOTHER grocery store.
I'm damn excited to be able to GO TO THE GROCERY STORE.

But right now, I'm gonna check my balance, head out to get breakfast and socks.
Because my feet are apparently hard on socks. Most of them have holes in the bottom, and I hate that sensation. :|

I need to make myself go through the necessary incantations or something to set up Pleroma, or some kind of ActivityPub compatible thing.

I love the folks here at Vulpine Club, but sometimes, I just really want to talk about my fetishes in depth, and I am not quite comfortable doing that on my main timeline.

I'll show you where Twitter touched me later.
But at the same time, I want to be able to tell people about my Masto, while keeping the kinks and drugs in their own vacuum-sealed baggie.

It's one of _those days_.

I think the pizza places are open for an hour longer, so I'm ordering something to get a soda delivered, and then going to bed.

I think this may qualify as a self-care night.

It's nearly 14:00. I've not had a proper meal today because I CANNOT DECIDE ON WHERE TO EAT.

I need to grocery shop, else I'd eat at home.

I should put on footwear, grab my jacket, and just go across to the mall for food because it's closest and I can have it ready as soon as I arrive if I order Pandemic Express via the mobile app.

No CW. Language, Patreon:

Looks like Patreon is on that bullshit again. Was about to go to the store, and my debit card's locked because they're trying to run the card from their UK payment processor again.

Expect problems with payments in a few days, creators, with no announcement from Patreon staff about it until halfway into October.

Man. It's really nice to get art in the mail. We've done so much digital digital digital digital to everything that it feels like the traditional media is a forgotten media.

This sweetheart, outenkun, has mailed more art at me, and it's so gorgeous in person. The kind of gorgeous that cameras just don't seem to capture. - the artist.

I cannot be the only cyclist who wishes that bike helmets had built in lights as standard issue.

Just lights. No fancy remote control blinky turny crap -- something that illuminates the cyclist.

As long as the battery can be removed at the end of the helmet's lifecycle for recycling with minimal tooling...
Since we now have EYE-SEARINGLY BRIGHT LEDS that can run on a small, rechargeable battery, why are we offloading lights to the bike where they are easily stolen?

I kind of want to acquire or build a vehicle of some sort.

My e-bike works for now, but I honestly want something that can go a longer distance while carrying 30-50 pounds of cargo (groceries, mostly).

I just dislike most of the cars on the road for the lack of fuel efficiency.

If it can't get 50 mpg or 50 mpge, I don't quite want it.

But then I look at my bills and my bank account and remember that this is out of the question for the next few years. :P

A little bit of happiness is helping someone become one of today's Lucky 10,000. :)

Nothing like talking about a 117 year old product used to remove hair from one's face. :)

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