Okay. My brain says that there once was a site that gave a list of all the various interfaces to the fediverse, like WriteFreely, Pleroma, Misskey, and other apps/scripts/whatever you hip folks call them these days.

I just cannot think of the name of this, and it's boggling me.

Mostly because I want something like WriteFreely, but less a headache to try to get to work.

Anyone happen to know what this tool is?

Thanks, and :boost_ok:​.


In which I prattle on about pharmaceutical deserts, and the growth of one in my backyard.

Thanks for your eyetime, and if you're a Coil user, thanks for that, too.

@Owlor Sadly, they will double down on it, and continue to break it over time. It's why I moved first to Pale Moon, and then to Waterfox. It puts me effectively on an ESR, minus the bad UI decisions, like Australis was in the past.

It's Monday.
I'm at my work site early because I let paratransit bring me. Tomorrow, I'm driving to the other office. Then I will figure out Wednesday.
I almost feel brave enough to drive over to this work site.

Why so worried? I'm driving a stick and I'm still learning things like the bite point of the clutch.

I'm not a big fan of shopping on Amazon, but there are times where my options are limited.
Local grocery stores only seem to carry Goya brand mojo criollo. I won't buy it because it doesn't taste right (along with other reasons, sure).
Reasonable search engines allow you to exclude a word from your search by prepending a minus sign in front of it.
So, a search in a reasonable engine using:
Β» mojo criollo -goya
would yield results excluding the word Goya, right?

That search on Amazon yields almost nothing BUT Goya brand mojo.

One of these days, I'll learn how to make my own damn mojo criollo, just to get something that isn't shitty Goya brand.

If the modifications are simple enough, I would love to implement them, just for extra braking power and options. Also, if the throttle max speed is disconnected, I wanted to reconnect it, because I really don't need 30mph in all gears. I need the three way switch to actually function.

But I can't seem to even find wiring info...

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Biggest reason I went into this was to do some basic maintenance. The connector for my charger was loose and spinning in the socket, which was making me jumpy. I hated plugging in the charger, because my brain would run wild, thinking it's going to fry me.

Also, the holes underneath the scooter were letting in water and dirt, which I wanted to clean out.
I also wanted to figure out some info, and find that regenerative braking mod I saw for Citicoco scooters.

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One of the two leads down to an XT60 connector that runs back into a block of wires that ends at the controller. The other goes straight to the controller itself.

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I made a stupid mistake. I didn't take a photo of a wiring harness before disconnecting the lead from the the charging input.
There are two possible connection points.
I am reasonably sure of which one, but the deep doubt is LOUD in my head.

Medical griping (cw: internal medicine, phrasings of body horror?) 

Why is it, that in an age where we can literally rearrange a person's guts and move internal organs from one body to another, that we can't have a simple port on our bodies for medical monitoring and delivery hardware?

Imagine a diabetic with a capsule that gets changed weekly, has a tracker for their CGM to connect, and the ability to release a dose of insulin or a glucose concentrate in case of emergency.

Imagine the kidney transplant recipient with a timed release dosing pod for their anti-rejection meds.

And, if we can keep fair-for-consumers pricing in mind, medical outcomes have room to improve.

I'm just musing this hour.


Present me: "Huh. I actually got the washer laden with a full load, and the second load is on standby. Take that, past me!"

Past me: "But you still haven't plugged your scooter in."

Present me: "... feck."

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Present me: "You need to go plug your scooter in, and start some laundry for tomorrow."

Also present me: "Too much like the right thing to do. Five more minutes."

Fun stuff!
I begrudgingly got into XIV seven years after a false start. When the game first rereleased as ARR, I tried it, and found it absolutely ire-inducing three days into the trial. I quit quickly, and only went back in 2020 because of the pandemic, crossed with a Funcom Fuckup that took *10 months* to resolve.

This said: my brain, the infinite troll that it is, screamed: "WHY DO WE HAVE ANOTHER NUMBERED FINAL FANTASY GAME THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE RECEIVED A NUMBER?!" -- I still hold a grudge against a numbered Final Fantasy game being built as an online-only game that required a subscription.

My mindset insists that it encourages people to rush through and not actually enjoy the story, the work that the teams have put into designing the areas, and so on, because you're on the hook monthly for a payment until you've burned out or finished the game.

And worse still, for those who come late, what happened when the game is shuttered for good? It and the story they wove for others to live gets *lost in the aether* without concentrated fan effort and private servers.

It brings me to the realization that I just mostly dislike online-only games, and I'm kinda just mostly done with them.

Aside: Rest in peace, Defiance and DeFi2050. Paradise will be missed.

@OchotonidKnight I took a breather to center and focus, but am also replying between work calls; apologies for any disjointed syntax.

So, XI, when I played it ages ago, was menu driven combat that required *right hand numberpad controls*. I actually *like* WASD (or, more accurately, QWEASDZXC[space]).

Movement of characters with my *left* hand is what I expect, especially when I also need to use the mouse is important: I have a mouse that is explicitly designed to fit my right hand, and is unusable in a reasonable manner by my left. Meet the Perixx Perimice 513: perixx.com/products/11168
This tallsqueaker (about 2.44" tall!) is easy to backhand and knock over when trying to rush and grab the mouse for something: an issue that flat mouse owners don't grasp (pun intended).

When I want to chat, I strongly prefer the desire to open chat as necessary with a dedicated button, not have the bulk of my potentially-mapped-to-useful-things keys all mapped to the Tii-be-damned "Open the chat box and blather" concept.

Worse/More annoying is that the layout at the time I experienced it _breaks ergonomics_ in an anger-inducing way. Past me was pretty hotheaded about that, and present me finds ergo breaking things still just as infuriating.

Fun stuff follows in a subsequent rawr:

@OchotonidKnight Not just no, but No.

I tried FFXI. Controls for a keyboard user were so abysmal that I quit in the one week trial ages ago, well before the age of XIV.
All things said, XIV had some decency in controls and user interface. Just too much poopin' on MNKs.

But, I 100% admit, most MMOs are not a good fit for me, and I cannot expect a developer to tailor their game to focus on the less likely to play groups: those of us who just want to make stuff. Folks tend to get into MMOs to be social, go laser something to death, laugh in the face of defeat and scream "I HAVE 100,000 HP AND A NANOPOOL THE SIZE OF NASCENCE. YOU CALL THAT 1000 DAMAGE SCRATCH A HIT? HAHAHAHAHA. PAY ATTENTION TO ME! MONGO CRUSH!" (aoitems.com/item/100199/mongo- + aoitems.com/item/100195/mongo-)

Not gather HQ Zucchini and craft dishes or make some random high demand gear all the time.

No game will cater to just that, because it's not sustainable, and I recognize it. So I keep my ass offline and play stuff like Dyson Sphere Project.

Have you ever missed the idea of something, but not the actual something the idea is based on?

That's me with Final Fantasy XIV right now. I like the idea of a vast, sweeping story with stuff to do in it. I especially liked the concept of crafting stuff that others can go use.

I don't care in the slightest for the implementation that makes it pointless to be a Monk once you get through the original storyline stuff, and are FORCED to play with 23 others at the same time to get to the next area for crafting supplies, of which players are either a technicolor death ray show, or a technicolor healing show, or able to just eat the damage.

Melee DPS, at least as MNK, feel like they are getting shat on. Try to get up on something that needs to die, and the light show just made you waste your ability to close the gap, which is now on enough cooldown to make you wish you hadn't used it.

Intriguingly, I got my Anarchy Online account back... and I just can't stand playing it anymore. Crafting is very much shoehorned into one or two professions, neither of which I play, and the playerbase just isn't *there* to bother playing.

Mental funk. 

I came home from work last night, promptly stripped, and laid in bed.
I took no medicine, slept fitfully, didn't eat dinner, and just relaxed, for varying terms of 'relax'.

I really need to get up, now that it's ten in the morning, and get to the post office. I bought shoes I can't fucking wear, and can at least get a credit for them.

But I can't get out of bed.
It requires clothes to go places.

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