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It's about time for bed, but first:

I want croissant waffles, drizzled with a blend of 75% molasses, 25% agave syrup.

Side of maybe turkey bacon, and definitely a scrambled egg.

Wild that mushrooms range from β€œwill kill you immediately” all the way to β€œgreat for partying” and somewhere in the middle is β€œokay on pizza, I guess”

I'm slightly annoyed. I'm going to have to go somewhere today and find a mini USB cable so I can use my drawing tablet again.
I have found SEVEN micro USB cables.
I know I have a mini around here, because I used it to charge my old Bluetooth speaker months ago, but HECK if I know where or when I put it.

Crap, I forgot to log my cycling mileage in Strava today. Think I've only done a mile and a half, so not fully distraught, and still have a month to finish that challenge I signed up for. Guess I'll go put in a couple more miles today, at least.

Secondary visit:

Of course, right as I said that, I just had two days of four hour downtimes. *FACEPALM.*

I got both my chocolate and vanilla Saturo.
I like the choco better than the vanilla - the latter has too subtle amounts of vanilla, so it tastes like an oat-soy shake.

I also have a coupon from Saturo for buying on Amazon in bulk, which is a damn fine idea. :)

Revisiting Noiz1 - So the webhost that I was hating on has been quite decent for uptime since switching to LiteSpeed.

I've gone and fixed most of my issues, and actually have my character description manager working just fine. I've had to go back to appending file extensions to images, but the pages themselves work just fine.

There's also only been like... two downtimes of under five minutes total since then. I guess they've been forced to actually stop being crappy, which is good.

@polychrome @kelbesque Perhaps. :)

I eat a little unusually, for a number of personal reasons.

Incidentally, I also remember that time where I was in a "Double Filet-o-Fish, dressed exactly like a Big Mac" phase.
Mostly because I don't eat a lot of beef and would rather have chicken or fish (personal preference, still holds true).

You can't order that sandwich through a kiosk, either (and as far as McFare goes, it's actually quite tasty).

@polychrome @kelbesque
For nearly six months, I couldn't properly customize any of their chicken sandwiches from the kiosk, and I raised a complaint about this vocally with staff at locations.
Only when I punched them in the spleen on the survey after trying over and over, and getting sick of being forced toward the kiosks (another point of contention) was the issue ever fixed (and I received a phone call from area management thanking me for the feedback).
Now I can actually get my chicken sandwiches the right way: Extra Pickles and Mustard Only, please.

Other customizations that aren't possible from the kiosk or mobile app:
* Filet-o-Fish, no steamed bun, use sesame seed bun, only pickle, slivered onion, and Mac sauce (missing bun swap, onion, mac sauce).
* Any request of Mac sauce on sandwiches that isn't a Big Mac
* Sub Slivered Onions on sandwiches that aren't the Quarter Pounder, because the slivered onions still have actual onion flavor, compared to the diced 'onion'.

Yes, I primarily use the kiosks.
Most of the stores here moved that front end staff to the kitchen to handle the increase in orders from the mobile app, the kiosks, and from Uber Eats (in select areas).

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I'm going to go to Furvana this September in Ocean Shores, WA.

I haven't been to a furry con in over half a decade, and getting a proper vacation under my belt β€” a Β«get out of the town I live in and go see a new placeΒ» level of vacation is becoming more and more important to my mental well-being. As in it's self-care important.

As it stands, buying my train tickets (about $120-ish?), setting aside the $10 needed for the city bus round trip (three buses from Olympia to Ocean Shores, $1 a pop), making the second payment for the Airbnb ($110-ish), and buying con admission (up to $175, depending on level) are on the list of Things To Doβ„’.

I also need to budget food into this whole thing, and pay more attention to the current budget in the months leading up to this.

It's doable. I'll likely be consuming more Saturo to at least get balanced nutrition (at $2 a bottle) while really minimizing some of my other expenses.

That said, if you'd like to help, feel free: :)

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As always my general advice for WordPress users:

- Keep WordPress, plugins and themes up to date. These days, core WordPress can update itself.

- Keep plugin usage to only the ones you strictly need. Disable/remove plugins you no longer need. Vulnerable plugins are probably the biggest cause of WordPress compromises.

- Keep regularly cycled backups. Site files and the MySQL database.


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I'll probably just make myself do the Scaleway work this week and resolve the issue in Noiz1.

But for now, bed, lest Noiz2 frustrate me, and not posting Noiz3.

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