Because it's been echoing in my head for the last ten minutes:

Sweet Dino Peach.


@DrDiddlyB Nah. I don't want a hot microphone in my bathroom. As it stands, I've got a hot mic in the kitchen that's losing her mind at the beginning of next year.

Rest in peace, Cortana.

Okay. I think I will do the smart mirror project, after all.

I already have an acrylic sheet that could take a piece of mirror effect static cling sheeting, which should give me the mirror effect I needwant. I already have an LCD panel with an HDMI breakout.

I also have an old Dell monitor that could possibly be used in a similar manner, so I could make two of these with appropriate cabling, though I would rather just recycle that one.

As much as making a luggable PlayStation Classic would amuse me, I would have more utility out of the smart mirror as long as I can read my glucometer's trending data and the weight from my scale. I don't have to interact with it on the monitor. I just need to be able to visually see the trends.

Since I'm in a bit of gastric distress, I'm sitting here, thinking about building a smart mirror.

It's one of three things I can choose to do with the display panel I've taken out of this old laptop.

Another is to build up a PlayStation Classic with the battery pack I bought. Something that would transform it into an easily luggable game console. I would need to figure out a power button solution for the PSC though, and that's the most difficult part. The display already has a breakout for the power switch.

Last, I could just work out a case for the display, and make it available to other hardware. It'd be the easiest, especially if I can replicate the build easily each time I locate cheap laptops.


Okay. I got a few sex toys in the mail through a pair of vendors that have Twitter accounts.

The last couple of days have been filled with orgasms.

The penis pump leaves my head super sensitive, which sets me off easily.

The vibrators, I dual wield. One on each side, and it sets me off with minimal work, once I work out vibrator positioning.

... my legs are still shaking five minutes later. >.>;

Lewd pseudomedical silliness. 

My brain fixated on this odd idea of a treatment that allows you to produce voluminous amounts of ejaculate in exchange for your body fat.

You'd take this nanite-enhanced medicine at least fifteen minutes before you ejaculate, and it goes to work, converting body fat, especially visceral fat and plaque first, to seminal fluids.

Side effects would include temporary pseudoelephantiasis of the scrotum that usually resolves itself in 4 to 6 hours, increased metabolism, increased sexual appetite, increased thirst.

It would be recommended primarily to people who are significantly overweight, who have tried diet and exercise, various weight loss medicines, and are candidates for surgical weight loss modifications.

Ask your medical specialist about Jyzinapil (holyshiticame) today. :blobcheerbounce:

I needed some adorable vixen in my day. I now have some, thanks to liviiya on :3

I need to find a spoon or ten to finish working on my little site with mask designs.

πŸ₯„ now, mask reveal at ten spoons.

Ramble-rant about phone insurance (cw: language?) 

You know it's kinda fucky-wucky that this phone insurance is damn near encouraging me to drop my phone without a case on so that I could file a claim.
Dropping the phone several times during this pandemic with the case ON or with the mod battery on has caused internal damage, though. But because it's not cracked and obviously going to hell, Assurine has no interest in replacing the device.
And at this rate, I have no interest in paying them for insurance.

re: NSFW 

@uvok Oh, would that be John Oliver wanting art that was auctioned in the 1990s? The whole Brian Swords of York thing?

Yep. It happened.

I have a type 3 bizarre craving.

Chicken tenders.
With ranch dipping sauce.

Anyone worth their peppercorns knows that barbecue and/or hot mustard are the two true dipping sauces, and that ranch isn't even fit for the wastebin.

Hm. I need to buy tools to work on my Citycoco scooter.

Think I have a slightly warped rear rotor, though it would be a good idea to probably loosen the caliper assembly, squeeze the brake, and tighten it down to get it centered on the rotor before trying to use a rotor tool to straighten things.

I just need a socket wrench to make getting these 10mm nuts loosened easier.

And that means booking a ride over to the local Harbor Freight for tomorrow to pick up stuff that I could use to work on the rest of the scooter in general.

Sure, I could call a taxi or hail a rideshare to get over there today, while I have the urge to actually work on the scooter, but it's money that I was wanting to not spend if I don't have to, and our paratransit service currently operates at no cost.

Just have to hope the call center is even open today for bookings for tomorrow because I just realized today is a bank holiday.

I'm looking forward to getting mail today.

I have a replacement charger arriving for my big scooter that I still need to name and number.

Also really need to figure out how to adjust its brakes. Rear brake is noisy as hell, rubbing without brakes being deployed.

@packetcat My Windows life feels called out.


That said, half the time when I am in Linux, I ended up favoring static binaries in the past anyway. Blame Debian and their tendency to ship ~~ancient as F~~ stable, tested software, and only pushing updates ~~when they see fit~~ after thoroughly testing.

I do it much less now, barring the two snap/flat things I downloaded to give a go.

COVID-19 and Unemployment: The Next Generation (+!) 

Housemate of mine made a fantastic suggestion to me yesteray afternoon. Tells me to call the local employment office.
I questioned it, because they normally help with job searches. She tells me they have enhanced powers right now and can assist with claims.

Since I couldn't get through on the state number this morning and still didn't know what's wrong with my claim, I called the local office.

5 minutes on hold, and in 44 seconds the first person on the call saw the issue, had it queued for a fix, and let me know someone will review and call back with a resolution.

5 minutes later, my phone rings.

Really nice and friendly guy came on the line, confirmed it was just a simple issue with a return to work date, threw a hammer at it and says it's sorted, I should be fine, if I have issues, call the local office, NOT the state office.

... It was amazing.

re: COVID-19 and Unemployment (-) 

@DrDiddlyB Nah. Just another antiquated response from an antiquated system. On the other hand, it does help the US Postal Service.

I'm just not looking forward to calling the state.

@packetcat Too bad it's bloody PlanetSide2.

I miss classic PlanetSide, where people actually worked together, and stuff like LLU runs. There is just a massive tide of rolling steel and 360Β° no scope herpderpery.

re: lewd: Zootopia, Carrots, Nick 

@Accalia I'm a fan of a lewd pairing of these two.

This pic has many qualities, and wouldn't mind seeing more of this at all.

COVID-19 and Unemployment (-) 

Well, something's gone awry with my unemployment claim. The state is seeing fit to mail me a letter to explain what is wrong instead of making the message available to me online in the portal where I found out something is wrong.

I'm a bit miffed by this. I'm in no immediate financial crisis, thankfully, but I would like to know what exactly is wrong at this time. And hopefully, it's a simple fix that doesn't require me to live on hold with an already overwhelmed call center.

I just want the information to arrive quickly so I can fix the issue. I had just started paying off some old bills to see about improving my abysmal credit score, but have to hold off until I see what's going on with this claim, because I don't want to overstretch any further than I have to.

Until then, I'm just going to drink another cup of coffee and maybe take a little phenylpiracetam, since I've been a bit more mentally focused with the last dose I took a couple days ago.

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