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Kicking this weight loss target dead ass in its teeth. I'mma do this shit, and y'ain't gonna stop me.

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Fediverse, lemme pick y'all's brains for a minute, yeah?

Please read the email in this screenshot.

The section highlighted in the rectangle is the focus. Once you read this, answer this question:

Where do I acquire a shipping box, and are there any expenses?

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I am legit trying to figure out how something like this would work.

Seriously. Is there something one could grow that provides a sensation similar to that of eating a steak, but is all plant?

I'd like to know.

This is how my Monday started.

My phone met its demise at the wheels of a Toyota Camry.

I had to spend money I didn't really want to spend this way on a replacement telephone, as this is my only working mobile device that CAN receive calls. Money that I was trying to put aside for medical and dental bills.

If y'all'd like, feel free to Buy Me a Coffee -- it'll help me to patch up that hole. Also, please share this with folks.

Well, damn. I didn't know that Humble Bundle offered keys that had region locking. What is this, the 1990s and specially keyed and shaped game cartridges all over again?

My bedroom to be: wiring attached to the wall. This project is on hold now: the wire stripper I have is garbage tier, and because I need to strip another nine cables worth on both ends, I'm going to have to buy a stripper.

Today's project: wiring the first floor of the place I live for internet. The house owner is totally okay with this, because he's not using the phone jacks.
My wiring project is reversible with minimal work, should this change in the future.
Starting point:

Courtesy of the Strava app, this is what happens when I get really irritable and go bike. This only shows the majority of my inbound trip to head home.
Just need to cross the river now.
Also to do: learn how to maintain disc brakes. Rear ones aren't quite up to standard, as evidenced by needing to come to a stop from 25 mph for a road crossing. Had those pulled all the way and was feathering the front brakes to stop without going endo.

Savoury stuffed waffles.
These contain pepperoni, Mediterranean herbed cheese, green onion. A couple have bacon added.
The idea got in my head and would not leave me alone, so here they are.

I'm kind of surprised that with all of this push to get people into electric vehicles and plugin hybrid EVs, that there's nearly zero infrastructure in the States to accommodate for those of us who chose bicycles with electric hubs over a full car.
If I were in Europe, the EV infrastructure for bikes is larger and more robust.
As it stands, I'd love to find/assemble a J1772 adapter to let me use existing EV charging stations. I think I have the general premise of one down in my head...

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I got my e-bike today. Mixed feelings so far. I do need to drop it on the charger for about six hours to make it ready for a full bore test run tomorrow for range data.
I also need to try folding it one more time... If it fails to fold, it gets tagged as item not as described for Wish to deal with.

Ahaha. Lol. Nope.
I'm sure this is a mistake.
But it's nearly my entire deductible in one go, at least.

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