Forza Horizon 5 (Screenshots, of course) 

If you know me well, you know I like my Forza Horizon series.
If you know me even more well than that, you know I have a lust for the Rimac Nevera.
I also have an appreciation for older cars, like the Datsun that is in half the pictures here.

This is why I need a video card upgrade.

I made a stupid mistake. I didn't take a photo of a wiring harness before disconnecting the lead from the the charging input.
There are two possible connection points.
I am reasonably sure of which one, but the deep doubt is LOUD in my head.

Well, there's fire. Lots of it. I'm safe, the fires are relatively distant, but they exist.
It was a little spooky to wake up to an orange-red sky, but that was just sun and smoke.

You know what? Y'all need a distraction. Have a picture of a tree with a layer of ice on its branches.

I needed some adorable vixen in my day. I now have some, thanks to liviiya on :3

COVID-19 and Unemployment (-) 

Well, something's gone awry with my unemployment claim. The state is seeing fit to mail me a letter to explain what is wrong instead of making the message available to me online in the portal where I found out something is wrong.

I'm a bit miffed by this. I'm in no immediate financial crisis, thankfully, but I would like to know what exactly is wrong at this time. And hopefully, it's a simple fix that doesn't require me to live on hold with an already overwhelmed call center.

I just want the information to arrive quickly so I can fix the issue. I had just started paying off some old bills to see about improving my abysmal credit score, but have to hold off until I see what's going on with this claim, because I don't want to overstretch any further than I have to.

Until then, I'm just going to drink another cup of coffee and maybe take a little phenylpiracetam, since I've been a bit more mentally focused with the last dose I took a couple days ago.

A mood. I gently label it «build-my-own-damn-image.png», lament the death of JNG, and move on to figuring out how to build this image.

Furry Smut. (Cardiophilia ahead) 

I grew up in the age of toony everything, and one of my favorite gags is where there's that whole heart thing poking out of the chest in an unrealistic manner while the character is ogling something that turns them on.

So I let GlenSkunk ( draw something like this for me.

I kind of want to do it again. >_>

Furry smut, revisited. (porn, of course) 

I would have done an animated PNG of this, but the mp4 is far more efficient in file size at less than 32 kb.

Original by Norithics on Inkbunny; my edits include flipping the phone and the inset picture to the correct orientation for the hand under the table, and getting the glow to turn on and off.

Bioluminescent dingdong, ahoy. ¦3c

I never knew how much I wanted something like these until I decided I was going to try modifying my PlayStation Classic.

And now I've ordered something like $5 worth of them to arrive throughout the end of the year, and possibly the start of the next one.

These are certainly some of my better Singles Day (11/11) purchases.

Of EV jokes and furry art (NSFW) 

Just got a commission back from Norithics.
This half, I wanna show now. The other half, I'll save for after vacation. 💙

Considering that electric vehicles are making front trunks popular on more cars again... :)

I'm having one of those nervous laughs.

Landlord just upgraded to a new fridge in his upstairs apartment, so he had a small fridge that he was going to donate or dispose of if no-one had a use for it.

I now have a small fridge in my bedroom, which is really cool!

But this just makes it that much more possible for me to never interact with the others in the house. If I added a microwave, or an induction cooktop, I'd only need to leave my room to do dishes and laundry, go to work, and acquire groceries...

This is making me laugh nervously, because I caught myself searching for an inexpensive induction cooktop.

No, Xial, don't do that...

re: Public spaces and photography, reasonable expectations (language). 

Meh, oh well.

The night time photo of the park entrance took a lot of tuning, and it's still not the best.

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So, I've had that Hasselblad True Zoom mod for my phone for about a week now.

There are quirks that I don't like about it: for something as thick as that mod, I'm actually surprised that it does NOT have a secondary battery built into it. Even an extra 1000 mAh would be a welcome addition on my Moto Z3, since I feel it gets a little greedy on the battery.
You can't launch the camera with any power source connected via USB, either, so using an external pack and shooting isn't feasible.

Those quirks aside, I think it takes really damn nice pictures, especially when you consider that it's just attached to a cellphone playing dress-up with new hats.

As such, here's a couple of examples that were passed through RawTherapee to get the bits of tuning I wanted. :)

A little art. (Not entirely safe for work, but no nudity) 

I wanted something cute and summery themed, but just a little lewd.

Hanazawa delivered for me as usual. <3

I was out on the grill today. Good times were had.

Now to go cover the grill now that it's cooled off.

Also, made my own damn barbecue sauce.

I would like to acquire ten of your finest acres of electrical sockets, please.

VIXN 406 Abuse Not Accepted: Patreon 

I've just hit my Patreon account with an orbital bombardment. In its place is a smouldering crater.

For a half year, they have failed their duty to patrons in telling them, "Hey, on behalf of our creators, we have updated our payment processes to use multiple countries and multiple processors."

When they've been told over and over that a payment processor outside of country causes issues and refuse to stop doing it, even when they come right back and use the in-country processor, that's harassment, particularly so when they've been told that the processor out of country causes a full on card lock for fraud.

Yes, it's great to be at the grocery store, trying to buy food that you have money for, only for your card to be locked quietly a half hour prior because they're trying to process payments through the UK when you're on the west coast of the Americas.

As much as it annoys me to not support my creators, not having to deal with the monthly fraud lock is another step in self-care.

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