So! version 3.0:
I'm Xial, pronounced 'Zeal'. Doesn't rhyme with a soap brand.
I answer to any gender - I don't care.
I make a living as a NEMT ride scheduler.

In my own time, I'm a furry, have been for 20 years. Don't mind the mess.

I like to experiment with cooking.

I enjoy science fiction, and am particularly fond of space opera style literature.

I have RBF. I'm not mad all the time; just lost in my head.

I've a new e-bike I'm mostly happy with.

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I do play vidya games from time to time. Primarily a PC player, as I can't justify the idea of a gaming console for personal use.
Mostly play Cities: Skylines, because that's just how my brain ticks.

I actually enjoy vaporwave, synthwave, and retro music that reminds me of the 1980s.
Mitch Murder pops up frequently in my playlists, so Feel The Air.

I'm originally from Florida, USA, and moved to Oregon, USA in 2015.

People often tell me that I should go into voice acting. Maybe I should.

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