Unpopular furry opinion. Includes profanity. 

Okay. is fucking unusable garbage.

Let's start with the Optical Blast! nearly solid white background ( is barely a few nuthairs less intense than ) and no in-built option to detune that.
Next, let's make it impossible to exclude things you're not interested in, because of a lack of tagging or filters.
As prime example, you literally cannot do a search for "-adopt" or "-base", where most search engines recognize that the user has requested to exclude this word from results. Since you can't tag filter, and search fails you, it makes navigating what is there a shitshow.

When I had used the search prior and found something I was interested in, it ended up being a damned unavailable listing. This was not a one-off thing. I found several listings of this nature. A good search would deprioritize unavailable listings.

Shit like this makes me miss FurBid and FurBuy more and more.

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