I made a stupid mistake. I didn't take a photo of a wiring harness before disconnecting the lead from the the charging input.
There are two possible connection points.
I am reasonably sure of which one, but the deep doubt is LOUD in my head.


One of the two leads down to an XT60 connector that runs back into a block of wires that ends at the controller. The other goes straight to the controller itself.

Biggest reason I went into this was to do some basic maintenance. The connector for my charger was loose and spinning in the socket, which was making me jumpy. I hated plugging in the charger, because my brain would run wild, thinking it's going to fry me.

Also, the holes underneath the scooter were letting in water and dirt, which I wanted to clean out.
I also wanted to figure out some info, and find that regenerative braking mod I saw for Citicoco scooters.

If the modifications are simple enough, I would love to implement them, just for extra braking power and options. Also, if the throttle max speed is disconnected, I wanted to reconnect it, because I really don't need 30mph in all gears. I need the three way switch to actually function.

But I can't seem to even find wiring info...

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