Broken projects stack. 

I cannot monotask. My brain right now is incapable of picking one task to complete.

I cannot figure out why my blog won't federate, and hasn't for fifteen months now.

I can't find any simple, plausible instructions for migrating to Caddy from Apache, because I think it'll be a better fit on the machine I'm running it on.

The display I had harvested to use with my smart mirror project doesn't seem to work, and I can't identify whether it's the display itself that's broken, or if it's the board I'm using with the display to do things that's busted.

I really wanted to sit down and learn CSS grids, so I can finish updating my first website ever.

I want to get as much of my mail that's currently destined for my .us domain migrated either backward to my legacy .net domain, or forward to my .blue or .top domains so I can stop paying for a domain that doesn't let me hide my fucking address in whois data.

I just want my vaccine for this current nightmare, and to be allowed to travel and see my partner, 'cause I miss them. :(

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