I need to get out of bed posthaste. I have a writing assignment due for school in a couple of days, and I haven't even figured out how to start it. I looked at it last night, and my brain said "absolutely not, Xial. You are tired. Go the f🌘k to sleep."


On the other hand, I want to go hooning about in Forza Horizon 4, maybe slide around a roundabout to Fred V & Grafix's "Sunrise", peg the go juice button right as the beat drops into a straightaway and watch the beastmobile that is the Rimac Concept 2 eat all contenders, and then relax with some Dyson Sphere Project or Cities: Skylines.
It will be beneficial, however, to actually go do the class assignment FIRST, however. So I will go eat, plug my e-scooter in, and then do the work.

... and order a replacement helmet. Holy crap, I need one, since my previous one was stolen by some turd in December.

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