Domain musings, name-expensives, and porkbuns. 

Looking a lot more like I'm moving my domains from Namecheap to Porkbun.

Price increases to maintain infrastructure are one thing, but this feels less like an infrastructure cost bump and more like a novelty domain cash grab.

The latest move? -- it's become a somewhat integral part of my identity now, and $17 a year to keep my dot-blue? Ouch. It actually becomes cheaper to take a damned dot-com over that, and that makes no sense.

Meanwhile, I keep wanting to ramp down my .us domain usage, and I have just one left. I might just migrate almost all of that email usage into my domain, as it's paid for the next few years at a fantastic rate through Porkbun.

Also, .us is bad: You cannot use a service to anonymize your information, and ICANN demands real info when setting things up. So yeah, you can see where I live from a simple whois, with a little too much fidelity.

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