But what boggles me is just how much Mario Kart 8 Deluxe costs. $60 new? Yikes. Does Nintendo never run sales on older games or something?

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@Xial Oh, funny story, allegedly they're doing a holiday sale for select first-party titles (and PokΓ©mon Let's Go) this year? Was planning on picking up Yoshi's Crafted World myself.

But yeah those kinds of sales all but never happen.

@Xial Nintendo first-party titles typically never drop in price, compared to all the other games on the system, even secondhand from an EBGames/Gamestop.

However, they've recently started doing sales (they never did sales until, like, this past year, I think?) and their recent sale prices have been consistently the same every time - usually $20 off - and it never strays, so the best deal will be if it's currently on sale.

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