Weed Bingo. 

I am currently overthinking the shit out of a reimagined way to play BINGO.

The first version is simply called BONGI. The I and O columns are swapped, with O taking on numbers 16-30, and I taking on numbers 61-75.
Everyone plays with a bong and a strain of weed they like. If you get a BONGI, you get to take a big rip from your bong. If the caller calls numbers from the B, O, N, and G columns in succession (eg: B4, O16, N38, G64), everyone can take a rip from their bong, with or without having those numbers.

If the caller calls B4, O20 in sequence, someone must call "Smoke Weed Everyday." If they do, everyone can have a hit.

One can also call it for O16, O20 called in sequence, because 24 hour to 12 hour conversion. ;)

Play on a board continues until a number equal to half the number of boards in play (minimum) have called a BONGI. Players may have a maximum of three boards in play at once. When a BONGI is called on a board, it is pulled from play, to allow a greater chance for everyone to have a toke.

There were variants for those of us who prefer smoking joints, with modified rules and the ability to hit your joint every time you match a number in the J column (after all, it's called JOINT) replacing the BONG rule.

Haven't worked out DABIT yet: I've never dabbed.

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