Okay. I think I will do the smart mirror project, after all.

I already have an acrylic sheet that could take a piece of mirror effect static cling sheeting, which should give me the mirror effect I needwant. I already have an LCD panel with an HDMI breakout.

I also have an old Dell monitor that could possibly be used in a similar manner, so I could make two of these with appropriate cabling, though I would rather just recycle that one.

As much as making a luggable PlayStation Classic would amuse me, I would have more utility out of the smart mirror as long as I can read my glucometer's trending data and the weight from my scale. I don't have to interact with it on the monitor. I just need to be able to visually see the trends.

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@Xial That sounds pretty cool.

Could integrate some voice commands with it too probably!

@DrDiddlyB Nah. I don't want a hot microphone in my bathroom. As it stands, I've got a hot mic in the kitchen that's losing her mind at the beginning of next year.

Rest in peace, Cortana.

@Xial But you could record every fart for the booty blast mix tap volume 3!

Kidding but that is real I can dig that. Only way to really keep it ideally secure would be a push button to switch the mic on but at that point mmmmmmmeh, might as well hit a button to do what you want.

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