Hm. I need to buy tools to work on my Citycoco scooter.

Think I have a slightly warped rear rotor, though it would be a good idea to probably loosen the caliper assembly, squeeze the brake, and tighten it down to get it centered on the rotor before trying to use a rotor tool to straighten things.

I just need a socket wrench to make getting these 10mm nuts loosened easier.

And that means booking a ride over to the local Harbor Freight for tomorrow to pick up stuff that I could use to work on the rest of the scooter in general.

Sure, I could call a taxi or hail a rideshare to get over there today, while I have the urge to actually work on the scooter, but it's money that I was wanting to not spend if I don't have to, and our paratransit service currently operates at no cost.

Just have to hope the call center is even open today for bookings for tomorrow because I just realized today is a bank holiday.

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