Hm. I've noticed on the new computer that after I've been playing games for a while, my display goes black and the system just locks up. Nothing gets dumped, so not likely a stop message.

There's a few possibilities:

  • I am currently missing one case fan. It doesn't seem to be thermal related, as I can hop right back into a game and keep playing, however.

  • Video drivers keep crapping the bed. This is possible, after all, they are AMD drivers. There's a pending update that came out 19 days after I installed; I should install and try that.

  • Power supply is browning out or otherwise not supplying the video card enough juice after a while. This is extra possible: quite often, audio continues for upwards of 30 seconds in an intelligible manner before stopping. I pulled my 500 watt supply from my previous build, because it has an 8 pin connector for the video card, and while this build is generally power efficient, it's possible this video card is stressing things more than the previous one.

  • I have a bad GPU. This is possible, and the easiest way for me to test is to install my previous GPU and put my games to the spurs with it to try to recreate the crash.

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