So, I have the scooter. :blobcatheart:​

I took it out for a ride today.

This... this is going to be addictive. Mistakes were made. I now have the freedom to go to the grocery store and pharmacy when I would like to, without planning days in advance.

I can finally buy certain things in quantities I'd like to purchase them in, without needing a $35 minimum purchase to get them delivered.

I can stop paying delivery fees for groceries and takeaway.

This morning, I was able to go check in with my boss at work (which meets the legal obligation for me to check in weekly with my employer to be paid for unemployment), go pick up my new prescription, and pick up breakfast, all inside of an hour.

If I had cycled that, it'd be 10 minutes of pain biking over to work, 20 minutes of pain biking back up to the pharmacy, and then F picking up breakfast, I just want to go home, 10 minutes of not as bad pain. This doesn't include the stop times for each task.

My housemate, R, was surprised to hear that I got that much done when she asked about the ride.

I... I'm free.

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