Huh. I finally shut down my computer to complete a series of tasks I've been putting off: 

  • Install the new RAM, swap the power strip to one that's just a surge protector (battery backup isn't as vital to my desktop these days)
  • Sorted out some of the under-desk wiring
  • Swapped in the new speakers since the wire from the sub under the desk to the speakers above had something funky going on right at the connector.

It's been worth it. Back up to my desired amount of RAM (32 GB, because Cities: Skylines goes hlarghbrgbhft! nomfnomfnomf to the 16 GB I was running on since the new build). Getting the underdesk wiring sorted gives me increased legroom, because it allowed me to move the old UPS out from there.

I just want some zip ties, so I can anchor the new power strip to the desk leg for more out of the way and off the floor goodness. I also need to find something to raise my tower about 6 to 9 inches off the floor.

If I can figure out some kind of under-desk shelving unit to go along with this, then I can move my router cube off the corner of my desk while I'm at it.


re: Huh. I finally shut down my computer to complete a series of tasks I've been putting off: 

Don't really know what pushed me to do all of this, either. Maybe I had a leftover spoon or two from the earlier spoon gathering when I needed to call my credit union?

... That's gotta be it. I was expecting it to be at least 333% nuisance rating, and was probably prepared to go into a fight, since my last couple of contacts devolved into being told where I can spend my money.

Hell, I'm still cleaning a little right now, so I can take my garbage out. Mostly because I only just realized it's Thursday night, and garbage is likely to be collected tomorrow morning.

... so much for not leaving my room at all today.

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