Domain faffery is just about done!
Finally pointed uU at the new host. V's been pointed there for a week or so, and's been there for weeks now.
This lets me spin down the need for Surpass.

It looks like I'll still be dealing with Scaleway for the forseeable future for Ascenci, but 3 euros and $30 a year is preferable to what this could have turned into ($15/mo + 3 euros).

@Xial A real bargain compared to my regular stuff, which includes $30/mo worth of Vultr servers and about 5 or more domains...

@kode54 I currently have six domains, which have all increased in price for renewal as of late.
Most of them were specifically for email, so a shared host worked decently enough for the need. One is for IRC, so it's on Scaleway, though I want to retire that. Just have a few holdouts lingering there.

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