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I'm going to go to Furvana this September in Ocean Shores, WA.

I haven't been to a furry con in over half a decade, and getting a proper vacation under my belt β€” a Β«get out of the town I live in and go see a new placeΒ» level of vacation is becoming more and more important to my mental well-being. As in it's self-care important.

As it stands, buying my train tickets (about $120-ish?), setting aside the $10 needed for the city bus round trip (three buses from Olympia to Ocean Shores, $1 a pop), making the second payment for the Airbnb ($110-ish), and buying con admission (up to $175, depending on level) are on the list of Things To Doβ„’.

I also need to budget food into this whole thing, and pay more attention to the current budget in the months leading up to this.

It's doable. I'll likely be consuming more Saturo to at least get balanced nutrition (at $2 a bottle) while really minimizing some of my other expenses.

That said, if you'd like to help, feel free: :)

I have the weirdest urge to make a sword out of cardboard and epoxy. No idea why. But I'd have to buy a lot of epoxy.

A drink? (Alcohol) 

I am almost disturbingly happy.
Left work early today because I was dealing with a headache that was super fuck grade.
Headache started to ease off, and I went to the store on my way home.

Holy shit, I found some Oil Sheen hair spray in the store, AND! a bottle of Sta-Sof-Fro, to boot!

This is the most amazing day! πŸ’™

Unpopular opinion, perhaps? (on Operating Systems) 

The only thing I miss from my days of using Winamp 2.x were the extremely colorful fullscreen visuals.

I have a distinct lack of those in the age of Foobar2000, and now that more and more music services force you to use their web-based client, that lack of visuals is felt even more.

I have three damned monitors, and I'm cleaning. Nothing would be more satisfying than three screens of swooshy-fwooshy lines and strobing lights while I'm cleaning.

Cleaning and Marijuana. 

I want some beachy summer art. A straw hat, a marble patterned two piece bikini, and sitting cross-legged on a beach towel with a rocket popsicle while peering over the frame of a pair of sunglasses.

I swear. We need more folks wanting to work together to build their own all electric vehicles.

I have ideas running around in my head for moderate powered electric tricycles, fast enough to travel at some of the faster road speeds here. I either need some moped wheels that I can lace an electric hub motor to, or do something that's chain-driven.

Just want to do 35-40 mph, top speed. Want to be able to use J1772 connectors to charge while out and about, but having an onboard 20-40 mile range would be bang on for what I really need.

Sometimes, I wish meatspace me had the body mods that my vixen has.
I'd be so happy with the nanotentacle deck she runs, simply to have those extra appendages to get things done.

Alternately, I'd be happy with the funds to go get coolsculpting done.

This is most frustrating.
I'm looking for an e-book reader prior to my vacation later this year.

Requirements seem simple, but they're not:
* MUST NOT Be an Amazon Kindle unless it NATIVELY supports the EPUB format.
* MUST have physical buttons for page turning.
* MUST have at least 3 GB of on-board storage that's user accessible. Not saying I have 3 GB of books, but I ain't muckin' with low sto.
* MUST have an easy to replace battery -- no super proprietary or stupid damn hard to find ones like my old first gen Kobo reader.
* It'd be NICE if there's a built-in backlight, to make it easier to read from bed.

Wi-Fi isn't required, because I'm typically plugging the thing in and throwing 30-40 fanfics and books from other sources at it at one time.

It just feels like this doesn't exist. D:

Where does it all come from!? (lewd) 

I'm horribly lazy. I have a stick of RAM on my desk, waiting to be installed in my machine. Have had it for over a week now, and I'm outside the return policy.

No idea if it actually works.

Still don't wanna shut down and install.

I was out on the grill today. Good times were had.

Now to go cover the grill now that it's cooled off.

Also, made my own damn barbecue sauce.

I find myself gnawing again on the idea of electric motorcycles and scooters, and building my own machine. 

I am just... I'm not in a good head space right now.

Can't find the urge to get out of the house.

Smut cravings and vacations 

It's about time for bed, but first:

I want croissant waffles, drizzled with a blend of 75% molasses, 25% agave syrup.

Side of maybe turkey bacon, and definitely a scrambled egg.

Wild that mushrooms range from β€œwill kill you immediately” all the way to β€œgreat for partying” and somewhere in the middle is β€œokay on pizza, I guess”

I'm slightly annoyed. I'm going to have to go somewhere today and find a mini USB cable so I can use my drawing tablet again.
I have found SEVEN micro USB cables.
I know I have a mini around here, because I used it to charge my old Bluetooth speaker months ago, but HECK if I know where or when I put it.

Crap, I forgot to log my cycling mileage in Strava today. Think I've only done a mile and a half, so not fully distraught, and still have a month to finish that challenge I signed up for. Guess I'll go put in a couple more miles today, at least.

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