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I'm going to go to Furvana this September in Ocean Shores, WA.

I haven't been to a furry con in over half a decade, and getting a proper vacation under my belt β€” a Β«get out of the town I live in and go see a new placeΒ» level of vacation is becoming more and more important to my mental well-being. As in it's self-care important.

As it stands, buying my train tickets (about $120-ish?), setting aside the $10 needed for the city bus round trip (three buses from Olympia to Ocean Shores, $1 a pop), making the second payment for the Airbnb ($110-ish), and buying con admission (up to $175, depending on level) are on the list of Things To Doβ„’.

I also need to budget food into this whole thing, and pay more attention to the current budget in the months leading up to this.

It's doable. I'll likely be consuming more Saturo to at least get balanced nutrition (at $2 a bottle) while really minimizing some of my other expenses.

That said, if you'd like to help, feel free: :)

Well, it seems the PCIe x16 rail might be my big issue on the new computer.

I spent a buncha dosh on a new video card just to have the option to test the slot again, and yeah, it doesn't seem like it can be anything BUT the damn slot.

So, hoping to hear back from the seller, see what they want to do about the system: With the GPU out, I can POST and boot to an operating system with no problem.

Only when a video card gets dropped in does things go south.

Fingers crossed that the seller gets back to me soon.

TKS-ScleraBurn has ignited. I am on the new computer, but not without a complication that I don't have the accelerant needed to sort right now.

I cannot get the system to post with my Radeon RX470 installed.

The card itself works when I put it back in Ascenci's old body, so I know the card didn't just up and die. I need something to plop in that PCIe rail to make sure it's not the rail that's horked.

Tomorrow, though.

Tonight? I'm shutting the machine down. Apparently, Gigabyte doesn't have an option in BIOS that turns off system LEDs except when a failure has occurred. That's an ASRock feature that I already miss.

It is time.

AE-Ascenci has served me well in her current form and previous iteration as Genju.

There is a computer under my desk that has not been given the blessing of a Name, but is ready to take on the mantle and be my new workstation. It needs storage installed.

In a few minutes, I'll be shutting AE-Ascenci down to migrate storage devices and the video card over.

Ascenci may be going away, but will not be forgotten.

See you all on the other side. πŸ’»β€‹

Furry Smut. (Cardiophilia ahead) 

Good fortune. (finances +) 

The downside of my current furlough from work is that I don't have a significant enough store of cash to buy welding equipment or steel and tech myself how to weld.
Something like this would be an ideal build for me for the coming months.

I've hit a new level of boredom in this furlough. Since the bulk of my laundry is done (I have two loads left, by my recollection), and I don't feel like hooning in Forza Horizon 4 today...

I'm searching Alibaba for electric bicycles and motorcycles to pass the time.

Sure, I could go to bed and read, or do the physical therapy session that I should've done yesterday, but finding electric conveyance after electric conveyance with pricing that on the surface seems quite reasonable ($180 per unit? What IS the shipping cost?) is keeping me entertained just enough to not go stir crazy.

Last night's thoughts must have been prophetic. I didn't get my water.
I woke up with cotton mouth. Ugh.

... it's nearly midnight.
I should make a glass of lime flavored water and put half a miracle fruit tablet in my mouth.

I accomplished things today. I successfully adulted.

I now need wood for shelves in my bathroom, because I've been without shelves for over a year. This might be tricky...

Day 1 of work furlough:

Still wake up at 06:01, six minutes before my lights turn on. Disable timed lighting. Forget to disable Fitbit vibrating alarm. Lounge in bed, and think: today is a good day to play Path of Exile.

SARS-nCoV-2 thoughts. 

Temper fuse blown. (mh -) 

I'm really surprised at the amount of traction a previous toot received about a digital furry convention in these trying times.

All I can ask for is that you remember and follow the 6-2-1 rule, even in your pajamas:
At least 6 hours of sleep per night, 2 meals, and 1 shower per day. These are the lower bounds of what one should do.

And if you want to toss a coin to your vixen or whatever the current popular phrase, buy me a paratransit ticket.


Looks like we've also got Keep Calm and Carry Con, another digital furry convention at the end of this week.

It looks to be planned for 20-22 March, 2020. This one popped up as what appears to be an immediate response to Furnal Equinox getting hit with a cancel beam. for details.

The moment where I realize, "No matter what I buy for a desktop computer, I can legally migrate my Windows 10 Pro license over to it."

I need to price some hardware.

Someone on Twitter mentioned in passing the idea of bringing back HomeCon, which was an online furry convention of sorts where things were streamed on Tigerdile.
I was laying in bed this morning, thinking that it'd be really nice to have that, so furries can be social in the absence of physical attendance to a convention.

And then appeared! It's the spiritual successor to the old HomeCon, which is a great idea. This time, they chose to not limit it to streams on Tigerdile only, which makes it more accessible to more folks.

This idea makes me really happy. :)

Topical Metformin. (medical +-, diabetes, unsanctioned science) 

Adding to To Done list:

* Make an entirely plant based patty as a dinner item.

Adding to To Do Again list:

* Make an entirely plant based patty as a dinner item.

Did a thing with the carrot and celery pulp from making juice tonight. Tonight's dinner, I think I can say is probably vegetarian friendly. If I forego the bread, I could probably say it's vegan approved?

I mean, ingredients were carrot pulp, celery pulp, apple pulp, and garbanzo beans, along with salt, turmeric, five spice powder, onion powder, and black pepper.

Either way, it's a good start with my Imperfect Foods box. πŸ’›

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