Well, I did the thing I didn't quite want to do: bought another Motorola phone. This time, the Z3, since I was considering migrating from prepaid to postpaid.

Now to go home, buy a new case, get my employee discount set up.

I'm not surprised at Tumblr's reveal that they want to put the clamps on adult content.

Imma just sit here with my personal domains and do my own thing.

Mayhap a resurgence in self hosting is on the horizon... :)

So, , I miss the days where things were sold through auction sites like FurBid and FurBuy.
It was easy to figure out who the heck was open for business because YOU DIDN'T POST THERE UNLESS YOU WERE WANTING MONEY FOR SERVICES.

It grates my nerves just a little bit when I see the occasional post here and there from artists lamenting that they don't have any customers.


I've hit a point where I just want to say to someone with a style I'm interested in, "Look, I have dead presidents to insert into my computer screen in trade for some art." -- this is harder than it needs to be because I'm stuck having to find journals and image posts that relay a status, and that's one person at a time for the bulk of the search.

This sucks. It's off-putting.
And it's keeping funds in my pocket that I would like to put in someone else's.

My E-Bike battery saga continues: Show more

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That moment when the local FredMeyer really had everything you needed to work on a project. Got solder, heat shrink and zip ties. Now to go home and work on my battery.

re: It's nearly time. (🚲 talk, πŸ–₯️ talk, couple of kilobytes) Show more

It's nearly time. (🚲 talk, πŸ–₯️ talk, couple of kilobytes) Show more

An update on my desktop PC, AE-Ascenci: She's taken well to the new Windows install I had to do a few weeks back after a platter based HDD failure. (Read More) Show more

I think my drive enclosure will arrive today. That will let me mount the old SSD externally, and get the new platter drive installed.
Then I'll pull all the old stuff off the SSD, wipe it, and see about dumping my movies onto it for the blu-ray player in the living room.
But for now, off to work.

It's been a week. Had a hard drive fully die on me Thursday. Money I wanted to put aside for a new e-bike was instead spent on replacement storage solutions. Oh well, guess I'll try again next check.

My aim is to have enough put aside by spring to buy a better bike.

I think, in the interim, that I'll put on socks and shoes, and head to the store for a cut of beefs and some butter.

I want to vacuum pack the beef with seasoned butter, and let the rice cooker be its hot water bath for cooking (yay, sous vide without more single purpose hardware).

When done, put it in a skillet for a minute each side to give it color, and put this in my mouth.

It'll be bad for me, no doubt, but it's rare for me to ever do anything of this caliber.

I can finally have natural light in my bedroom, coupled with privacy. I made myself finally install the other piece of privacy film in my window, so right now, my bedroom no longer feels like a dark cave.

Just one that needs me to go through these boxes and throw out more shit over the coming weeks. I'll start that project Thursday evening, once all of the other trash is out, though I might just bag up items and put it out next to the bin Friday. Pay the overflow fee.

I need to consider a new phone. The Motorola G6 Play is working now, but it took several factory resets to get to this point.
I'm only just getting to the point of restoring my 2FA tokens today, and logging in to various apps, which is sad.

This makes two phones I've purchased to escape this Motorola G6 Play.

This makes two phones that have had some sort of exception that has forced me back into the G6 Play.

Woo. Yay.

The universe, or maybe even the multiverse, has aligned to conspire against me.

Got that Essential Phone in the mail today.

Putting that Essential Phone in the mail tomorrow.

It's a refurb, which I'm absolutely okay with.
It's broken more than this piece of turd Motorola, which I'm not losing my cash to.

Guess it's back to the damn drawing board. :/

I don't think y'all can convince me that conveyor belt sushi itself is bad.

Maybe specific places, but not the idea.

I just punched myself in the budget in order to try to get away from this Motorola.

Fingers crossed that the $170 I just burned on an Essential Phone doesn't light my damn fingers on fire... I'll know this weekend.

Domain faffery is just about done!
Finally pointed uU at the new host. V's been pointed there for a week or so, and lick.blue's been there for weeks now.
This lets me spin down the need for Surpass.

It looks like I'll still be dealing with Scaleway for the forseeable future for Ascenci, but 3 euros and $30 a year is preferable to what this could have turned into ($15/mo + 3 euros).

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