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I'm going to go to Furvana this September in Ocean Shores, WA.

I haven't been to a furry con in over half a decade, and getting a proper vacation under my belt β€” a Β«get out of the town I live in and go see a new placeΒ» level of vacation is becoming more and more important to my mental well-being. As in it's self-care important.

As it stands, buying my train tickets (about $120-ish?), setting aside the $10 needed for the city bus round trip (three buses from Olympia to Ocean Shores, $1 a pop), making the second payment for the Airbnb ($110-ish), and buying con admission (up to $175, depending on level) are on the list of Things To Doβ„’.

I also need to budget food into this whole thing, and pay more attention to the current budget in the months leading up to this.

It's doable. I'll likely be consuming more Saturo to at least get balanced nutrition (at $2 a bottle) while really minimizing some of my other expenses.

That said, if you'd like to help, feel free: :)

Related, though: It's like most of the shared hosts, who would handle management of the machines, are disappearing, and just about forcing people on to VPS based solutions.

I find setting up a VPS to be tedious as shit, though.

I think that my solution to my hosting dilemma may be to spin up a machine on Scaleway, and go through the headache of setting up web, mail, etc.

It's not a headache that I enjoy in the slightest, and that's why I didn't do it a year and a half ago when I was leaving Surpass. But I really, really don't want to pay $15-$20 a month for a machine that effectively just hosts a blog, my character references with adult art, and my email. That's just ridiculously spendy. :/

hey uhhhh can we stop hating on people for not being queerβ„’ enough? that’s literally hating people for something that they have no control over

I am being actively fucked up by my web host. They have decided to shut down at the end of this weekend, and I am fairly sure they were DBA several companies.

I have to find a cheap host option that will let me have my email the way I want it, along with not having a bitching shitfit because I have adult art posted in obscured corners of my site.

I really wanted to keep my expenses under $48 a year. I don't need a lot of space -- having 10 to 15 GB is probably more than enough, since most of it is email.

I'm not very welcoming of hosts that put up offers on LowEndBox. They're either failing, or being bought by other companies.

In which I express a clearly unpopular opinion about desktop SNS clients (Miniaturized Rant) 

Drowsy thoughts:
Trees are a form of carbon sequestration biohardware, right?

Why aren't we planting at least triple what we are using?

I am also really damned amused. Been trying to find a solution to handle my between-color transitions, and I've had one the entire time.

GIMP has the ability to stitch all of the images I wanted together.

I might go and revisit my halloween pic I got from Kecomaster a few years back, as result, now that I know I no longer have to try to make 90,000,000 individual frames by hand to get the smooth transitions.

Furry smut, revisited. (porn, of course) 

Well shit, Twidere's author is throwing in the towel on this client.
I may need an alternative to it at some point that supports both Mastodon and Twitter, unless someone else can keep it alive.

I never knew how much I wanted something like these until I decided I was going to try modifying my PlayStation Classic.

And now I've ordered something like $5 worth of them to arrive throughout the end of the year, and possibly the start of the next one.

These are certainly some of my better Singles Day (11/11) purchases.

Okay... I really would like an uncomplicated ActivityPub-compatible thing so I can roll my own instance to talk about things I'm not comfortable talking about here.

Yes, I got WordPress to actually federate outward (Hi, @xial 😊), but I need a bit more than an ActivityPub injector, for lack of better terming.

Problems: I really don't want to deal with Docker. Docker hasn't ever worked for me on Scaleway, and I have a fair feeling that to get it to work, I'd have to blow away my entire machine and try again from the top, or migrate to a different company. Right now, there are no spare C1 instances on Scaleway, so I can't even test and see if I did something dumb, necessitating the blowaway to go at it.

For those of you that are into it, I'm streaming for Extra Life today. :)
I wanted to stream on Mixer, but my group are Twitch users; therefore, I'm streaming on right now.

So far, I'm playing Path of Exile, muddling my way through Act 1.

So yes, mostly ready for Extra Life this Saturday as that blog post suggests. Looking forward to that.

What I'm not looking forward to is the invoice to help pay for the car that I broke today. D:


Apparently the plugin I use for my blog to be able to post to the fediverse (via @xial) has a very stupid default setting of posting nearly the entire post.

Not intended, not good.

That's been tweaked for future posts.
Hopefully, no more badly formatted blobs of text.

Don’t let your local world and its troubles drag you down. Yes, there’s this big fat space rock that we’re floating on, but we focus on the local world a bit too much. Try not to do that. πŸ™‚

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