cw: death, depression (in case it wasn't apparent). 

I buried the woman I called mom sixteen years ago. She was my biological grandmother, adoptive mother, and I loved her with all my heart.
I never really grieved properly after her death, not did I really quite process her death the same way neurotypicals would.
I ended up homeless not too long after her death, which stressed some of my already tenuous relationship with the remnants of my blood family.

My biological mother did start talking to me a while after her mother's death, perhaps as an act of reconciliation, but I welcomed it.

There were people I missed talking to, and knowing they were okay through her gave relief.

All said, getting the phone call earlier this month of her being in the ICU, then passing ripped off a patch that was holding in the pressure.

I ache in a most profound way, and I share a fair percentage of the fault for this, for not trying at least a little to establish a connection on my own. I know my shortcoming is that I am afraid of bothering people, but damnit, they're blood. They can take a little jingle on the talkbox.

Even if the fear is founded on the predilection that they only talk to me when I'm useful to them.

I should be better than them at something, with proof.

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Tomorrow begins a difficult flight back to Florida.

I've already buried Mom.
I get to do it again¹, 16 years later.

I called it. I said elsewhere that I expected an influx, and influx there was.

My name is Xial, it doesn't rhyme with the soap, see?
I'm a rank 40 enby (maybe more genderqueer?) taxi herder by day, and a blue-and-cream furred curvy pervy vix by night. I'm currently nursing a movie box project for our house, consisting of our (actually growing) movie collection.

Also, for those who like flags and hearts:
:heart_nb::polyamory_flag: :heart_gq:

I should also try not posting so late in my day, but you gets what you gets, throw fits, catch hands. :P

I had a Nitro Pepsi for the first time last night. It's the last time I'll have it -- flat AF. Like if someone took a soda, and ironed it, then put it back in the can somehow.
It's missing the elements that make a soda *a soda*.

Ugh. Wake up at 2AM, distressed. A fair portion of the distress has hopefully been resolved, but I also hurt more now. Almost eye-watering, this pain. I work in five hours...

It's taken a tiny bit of adjustment, but I am liking my new keyboard. My big issue at first was how non-resistant the keys were. But the win in the situation is that they aren't deafening me when I type.

Went from Blue to Red switches.

Tii, bless this mess.
My Blu-Ray drive seems to have this Riplock shit that I had never heard of until today. I finally took the time to pick a rare Blu-Ray disc out of our house collection, shove it in the drive, and it insists on reading no faster than 2x speed.

Let's make this tastier: It's a Matshita drive, which does not appear to have a firmware fix available to stop it from crippling read speeds, based on the research I've done thus far. *closes 26 tabs...*

Blu-Ray discs will be relegated to the "Okay, I'm headed to work" or "Okay, I'm headed to bed" pile, since DVDs from our collection run so, so much faster.

Especially so since we have about 300, 350 movies or so in our collection that still need digitization, along with a bunch of boxed TV series which are somewhat time-consuming to process.


Has the Superb Owl shown up on television yet? I need to time my grocery store run for the Owl spreading its Superb wings.

That said, some of the problem I was having was the process of *overthinking*.

For the longest, I had been staunchly in the Use Apache for serving the web camp.

I had started my move to Caddy a little while back, but when trying to set up WriteFreely, I was finding it mentally taxing then. "Oh, they are nginx-specific." was the locked thought process.

Today, I can tell you that my Caddyfile for the blog is three lines long, and only because I like pretty.

sub.domain {
reverse_proxy localhost:port

That's about it.
If I want to add images, I'll throw in a four line config.

img.domain {
root * /folder/with/pics

or thereabouts.
Good luck doing something that simple with Apache or nginx.

I am making the biggest celebratory noise right now.

My kink blog is up, running, and federated. \o/

It has been a longue daye.

I will have an even longuer daye tomorrow at work. 08:00 to 18:00+. Whee.

I'll have to delay my lunch at work until 12:15 or so, so that I don't accidentally go over six hours on the clock after lunch.


Need help with WriteFreely and Caddy. 

I'm working on setting up a personal WriteFreely instance that will federate, so I can finally have that place to write my dirtier, kinkier thoughts. Calling it what it is.

I'm using Caddy, latest version.

I cannot see myself in the fediverse when I search.
When I go digging in my WriteFreely logs, it appears that when it gets to the point where it needs to GET /.well-known/webfinger? ..., it throws a 401 error.

What's annoying as sin is that the only answer that seems to be relevant to my issue at first... is a Caddy v1 Caddyfile; But, it was written for a significantly older version of WriteFreely, and trying to translate for Caddy 2 doesn't yield results.

I'm ready to crater my head against the nearest solid object.

Halp. :<


I am giving myself a headache. I just want to get the whole activitypub thing working on my WordPress blog over at It's been broken for me since bloody 2020, and I'm only now finally getting actual errors!

> Your author URL does not return valid JSON for application/activity+json. Please check if your hosting supports alternate Accept headers.

I'll deal with this manure some other day. It's already past 23:00 here.

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to communicate, but when you read someone else's post, it makes you feel evil for wanting to do something you've wanted to figure out?

That's me.

I think my weekend might improve as the garbage leaves the body.

Forza Horizon 5 (Screenshots, of course) 

If you know me well, you know I like my Forza Horizon series.
If you know me even more well than that, you know I have a lust for the Rimac Nevera.
I also have an appreciation for older cars, like the Datsun that is in half the pictures here.

This is why I need a video card upgrade.

Looking for: WordPress plugin (Boosts OK) 

Searching WordPress's plugins site is unproductive.

The thing we want is a polling system for WordPress that implements Ranked Choice Voting, like what is used at;

I'm trying to figure out a way to effectively limit voting to people who are logged in and authorized through their SubscribeStar or Patreon accounts, so that users of a specific tier or higher can cast votes, and those not logged in simply cannot vote, period.

Because polls on rankit aren't able to be successfully hidden behind authentication, it makes just embedding the poll not so plausible in my head: all it takes is a right-click, 'show iframe in new window', and now the URL can be handed out to allow someone to pester their friends to vote their way.

Also, those of us who understand browser containers as it stands can go in and skew the now unprotected poll in an unfair direction to get what we want.

I don't do it, but I don't want anyone else to have that bright idea.

Anything like this even remotely in existence?

Thanks. :boost_ok:​ ✅

Nope Nope Nope

I am going to lay down in my bed, I have had enough of today


I need to find enough wherewithal to decide what the hell I'm going to do about hosting, come December.

Don't get me wrong, Namecheap are not bad folks.
But it's not what I need: I need my registrar to not also be my web host.

I also need my host to not be actively hostile toward adult furry art.

And, because this is really just a little hobby that doesn't get looked at much, I'd like it to not be expensive. I left Surpass a while back because my rate for shared hosting was going to shoot up astronomically. I was on some low end host for a little while, like a year and change, then that low end host fucked me and ran.

... but right now, my brain is having so much trouble holding a focus beam in place. :/

Unpopular furry opinion. Includes profanity. 

Okay. is fucking unusable garbage.

Let's start with the Optical Blast! nearly solid white background ( is barely a few nuthairs less intense than ) and no in-built option to detune that.
Next, let's make it impossible to exclude things you're not interested in, because of a lack of tagging or filters.
As prime example, you literally cannot do a search for "-adopt" or "-base", where most search engines recognize that the user has requested to exclude this word from results. Since you can't tag filter, and search fails you, it makes navigating what is there a shitshow.

When I had used the search prior and found something I was interested in, it ended up being a damned unavailable listing. This was not a one-off thing. I found several listings of this nature. A good search would deprioritize unavailable listings.

Shit like this makes me miss FurBid and FurBuy more and more.

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