As always my general advice for WordPress users:

- Keep WordPress, plugins and themes up to date. These days, core WordPress can update itself.

- Keep plugin usage to only the ones you strictly need. Disable/remove plugins you no longer need. Vulnerable plugins are probably the biggest cause of WordPress compromises.

- Keep regularly cycled backups. Site files and the MySQL database.


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I'll probably just make myself do the Scaleway work this week and resolve the issue in Noiz1.

But for now, bed, lest Noiz2 frustrate me, and not posting Noiz3.

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Noiz the 1st: Need new hosting. Show more

If I had the funds, I'd go have cryolipolysis done. Something to really make the belly fat go away.

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It's time for me to dig into finding a new host. I'm sick of Bigfoot's bullshit. Not even getting two nines of uptime.

I am hungrier than usual today. Feel like I could eat a can of black beans, skip the rice. Is this what happens when you start working out?

You know, I'm giving thought to building myself a new gaming machine. I've only got three major reasons to stick to Windows for the next machine.

* Forza Horizon series.
* Cities: Skylines.
* Paint Tool SAI 2.

Outside of that, all I do is browse a few websites (you probably know which ones), listen to music, sometimes play games other than those two, and chat on the Discords/Telegrams.

I'm certain I can find a replacement for my mail client (Postbox), can wrap my IRC client in Wine (mIRC, DON'T JUDGE ME), can probably wrap Foobar2000 similarly (don't @ me).

Beyond that, the bulk of the stuff I use has a Linux version, or an alternative that works well enough that I would be fine with using.

Only other thing that might bother me is the whole desktop environment change. I've become strangely comfortable with Windows 10 and Windows 8's way of doing things.
I never got comfortable with GNOME, Unity, or KDE. I liked blackbox/fluxbox, but don't think I could go that minimalist now.

Things to ponder...

Kicking this weight loss target dead ass in its teeth. I'mma do this shit, and y'ain't gonna stop me.

A real me, however, isn't going outside after dark if I don't have to. Even though the folks here are pretty chill, I don't need to expose myself to unnecessary risks, be it ice, petroleum, or lead.

Maybe I'll get one of those under-desk pedaling exercisers for the future.

A good me would get up, dress, and go outside for a short walk, if only to get my Fitbit step count up to four digits.
I've been a potato all day, loafing in my computer chair. About to go loaf in bed at this rate, call it a damn night.

Sitting here, charging my watch, and tried to install Friendica in my reseller package...
I apparently ran face first into a 508, Resource Limit Exceeded during the install. Whoops.

Planning on cancelling my dental appointment this coming week. Got a really good reason, though - with the hopeful thaw of the city over this weekend, I anticipate that a LOT of appointments for our clientele at work will happen, and I'll need to be there, no choice in the matter.

In other news, going to charge up my Fitbit. Then I can put my Fitbit on, and dress up my Fatbutt. Maybe walk over to the mall nearby, since I think the park path is clear of ice. Go over there, get a couple of laps in, play that bootleg DDR-ish clone.

It'd be good for me to get out of the house, and since I can't spend a craptonne of cash on travel, I do what gets me out of the house.

Revisiting this toot, this still puzzles me.
The mall right across the river from me has this empty anchor, used to be home of a Gottschalk's if my research is on point. Nothing has been in this anchor space since that company went under a decade ago.
There was also a Sports Authority in that mall that went under. Sports Authority's old anchor space got torn down, and is going to be replaced with what is essentially a mini park with restaurant space.
The other, huge anchor has just sat there, doing nothing.

That would be a great space to stick a grocery store, however. It would break up a food desert and provide a nearby option for a retirement community that's a half mile north, as well as those of us on foot on the other side of the river, because we have an established foot path and bridge over. The area is already zoned for commercial use, so zoning shouldn't be one of the issues.

I'd be happy if malls that have had empty anchors for a long time would look at the potential impact of incorporating a food shopping location of some sort.

Kind of a "Diversify or Die" moment for them that I want them to take seriously.

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