Streaming a bit of Galapagos dev, and then the Casten Game Disk for Atari 800

twitch stream planning 2 

twitch streaming plans 


I think I’ve found my favorite honest-to-god real snippet of code, from

pew pew pew


9/11, sincere 

I am a big supporter of Small Tech: three line shell scripts, gopher holes, when websites render properly on a VIC-20, building your new PC tower out of the 10 year old PCs your neighbours recently discarded, solving your own problems without worrying about scale.

I wanted to listen to this again and it's gone, should have saved it

now that i think about it i'm pretty sure the karoke operator wanted a bribe, given the prominent tip jar

thoughts on this trip and pdx 

instead of undergoing a long sequence to turn into a magical girl many of today's brightest scientific minds often undergo a very rapid transition into an 18th century scientist. this is called a 

zoomed out and discovered that in my absence the entire state of california has been set on fire

am i supposed to consider a garden of small delights an Eden because everyone acts friendly and there's no sales tax?

Powell's is overwhelmingly large so instead of looking at books i am posting

my first impression of portland: this is just a palette swap of california

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