So, a thing about classic disco is this focus on making everything literally sparkle. The video for Gloria is a good example with both disco ball and sequined dress:

It has this effect of producing vivid lens flares that was literalized in motion graphics into moving starfields. That is, disco was very aware of itself as Space-Age and that combined with the other design trends around (perhaps psychedelic design?) into a glittery colors-of-the-ranbow vibe. This late 70's demo reel offers vivid examples:

I have enough of the layout in that I can play a little and feel satisfied by it. There are lots of little missing details, like I can't do backhands with this setup, the standup target tends to trigger the pop behind it, and I never got around to rollovers.

Regardless, I think I can just finish up the layout and post this as a playable prototype.

Today I learned that Godot is a small download until you try to export the project. Then it has to download a few hundred megabytes for an "export template".

There is a huge pain point in how I am creating the table layouts right now.

Like, it's actually relatively quick to edit because it generates nice rounded shapes from a few positions, but the way in which I edit is not very interactive, I don't get a clear view of what the shape is while I'm working on it. I'd need to look into extending the Godot scene editor to make it work better.

However I don't want to start on this yet, I want to get a layout together and then put it away, so progress has stagnated a bit in the past few days. When the layout is unfun to work on, developing it is a pain.

Pandemic culture 

One thing that is super prevalent nowadays when I stroll thru the park is people tugging hand carts loaded with stuff, because they have a whole outdoors event planned, sometimes a class to teach

pandemic culture 

Realized, multiple days in a row I have had dreams where I am around people indoors and we are not wearing masks and I think to myself "i am going to get sick"

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

"Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one."

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb."

"Great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ."

"Birds of a feather flock together, until the cat comes."

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

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Today I did part measurements: most things bottom out at 1/16" granularity, sometimes 1/32" or 1/64" for especially thin stuff. I added in Bally pre-1987 flippers, and they feel great.

I have a list of about 15 things I want to do before I call the prototyping "basically done". Most of them are related to playfield layout.

Something that I think I might want to do - not now, but down the line sometime - is to develop a custom editor. Godot is proving powerful enough to support this in most respects. And while I had the idea earlier of positioning assembled elements procedurally, I can also improve interactive editing by generating a set of attachment points for each element, so that complex relationships of elements are easy to snap together.

Something I want to look into before that, though, is using procedural tech towards a more polished presentation. Things like generating playfield plastics over the existing shapes, detailed models with bevelled edges, lighting effects and so on. Part of the appeal of doing a pinball sim is that in a cosmetic sense, it doesn't need so many assets: the playfield itself is most of it.

That, and also test more complex layouts. I'll have more confidence in it by the time I am doing my third or fourth and really exercised everything.

I got around to measuring the physical pinball parts I ordered and discovered that the cap is actually angled at the top, presumably to make labels read better

It's fine that they brought food, but those birds leave their litter on the fence. not doing their part to keep America clean

The definition of "boss" 

The enemy you defeat at the end of the level

oh i guess i should announce here, i released flicksy 2!

#flicksy is a tool for drawing and assembling graphical hypertext games

flicksy 2 is remake written in plain javascript, with improved drawing tools and vastly improved scripting capability

#gamedev #toolmaking


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