I do have two unused entries in the vertex color data though, maybe I could add some additional effect to play with

i finally think i found the color model i want for galapagos rendering...indexed color plus colorkey masking, all determined through vertex color data and a palette table uniform

(the fragment shader has a branch...i kind of gave up on that and it probably doesn't matter since there's little pressure on the fragment pipeline to begin with)

me after getting usb otg cable: "i won't use this often, better put it somewhere i can remember"

me, looking for usb otg cable later: "i wonder where i put it"

the folks sitting next to me at this coffeeshop were "jealous" of my phone peripheral setup

on this evening the correct course of action is to camp out in front of the heater

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in improv tonight i played a judge on "america's worst talent". i judged a speed braider. but what i judged was how strong those braids were. hi i'm nick from nick's strength and power, and your braids have to be strong enough for the mr. olympia stage

OK, while keyboards have pretty good support in Android apps(as in, you can type things) mice do not. Most of these things treat right clicks as the back button.

It's probably more productive to run an emulator and use the software there than to try to fight these apps.

thought "should i fix it up so that it refers to player gamepads starting from 1 instead of 0"

then i was like "you know what's better than being player 1? being player 0"

I didn't know that I needed a "classic USB gamepad", but having one makes me go "wow cool"

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ok i did it, my phone has keyboard, mouse, and gamepad peripherals now, it's the tiniest workstation

are lofi hip-hop study beats proven to be the most effective method of studying?

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