Valorant - 

Galapagos, CUE language 

I made the solarpunk flag 500x1500px, the size of the Mastodon profile header image, if anyone wants to use it.

#solarpunk #sharing #flag

BNA lit analysis, spoilers 

Can't tell if today's productivity was because of quiet workspace, chewable, or because I'm working on a simpler task. Either way I had quite an improvement from any time in the past six months or so.

out of home office + 



Somehow I didn't notice that my personal site's domain name expired. It's squatted now, oh well. This is a year to start over anyway

I got this because I already have the habit of chewing my fingers and figured "why not redirect that"

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This new machine has a half a terabyte of storage but it does not have the power to run "Modern Warfare", so I am going to put a whole library of reference material on it instead

When I wasn't paying attention youtube-dl got really good at ripping entire channels and playlists. Makes it very easy to build a collection.

compute ~ downside of getting a low-end laptop 

Heard COVID-19 joke once... 

Outdoors exercise without a thumping speaker:
- Wind whooshing
- Cars passing by
- Every awkward movement visible

Exercising with the thumpa thumpa:
+ Powerful
+ Asserting space
+ Moving to the beat

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