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I've had "Paperback Writer" earworm me lately and I got to thinking about how in so many later Beatles songs, the lyrics rely on phrase repetition:

Paperback writer
Sun, sun, sun, here we come
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Let it be
All you need is love
Around the world

Had my philosophy exam

I think I understand the Categorical Imperative?

I was asked to pick up coffee so I went by the shop to pick up coffee and thought I'd get some work done there too but I had already had coffee earlier so I decided to have a black ice tea and this may have been too much in a Different way from just having too much coffee

farsight's "the pinball arcade" 

Market street is very calm since they got the cars off it. Almost a different place

Nostalgia for 2000's memes surely must mean something of import for the new decade

Miku doesn't have to invent everything

The Caramella Girls are also credible

try to line it up

Oh good I can make the announcement unannounce

TL;DR of today's IWW furry story, with links (cw for labor politics, as one might expect) 

Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition is coming to Steam soon! Every time you wishlist, a frog gets her wings.


Just got around to playing Yoku's Island Express. This is the best "pinball metroidvania" you will find, and worth playing if you liked the loops and ramps in 2D Sonic and wanted more flow and less punishment.

re: pinball + 

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pinball ~ 

Welp, got my glasses back. Motivation to follow through on new ones has diminished again

Something finally happened to force me to seriously consider getting new glasses after 10 years ~+ 

Urgent: If you have Windows 10, update it asap. A security flaw has been found and hackers are using that to their advantage. Not sure if it was caused by a less recent update but it's still serious.

updated Windows the other day and my project's build process hangs now, sigh

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