JRPG concept 

supplemebting, conspiracy theory 


earlier today i looked at the original s3m file for the OMF2097 menu music and got a sense of how it was written 

I'm looking into adding automatic PAR2 creation for Galapagos as a way of giving all works made in it some protection against long-term corruption. Probably won't work on this in the near-term, but it looks like something feasible(and could complement some other ideas I have for workflow helpers).

also "C.S.I.P.G.A" refers to the Usenet group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action - which i remember reading once upon a time. this must be a pretty old FAQ!

in this FAQ for OMF2097 you can find Tim Sweeney's 1994 email address. he used Compuserve!

when the weather gets hot apparently this is my cue to stay up all night playing "One Must Fall 2097"

someone needs to be the anti-jason scott and turn archiving into something more WWE esque

re: devolver e3 

devolver e3 

remember, anytime anyone at e3 says the word "game" add the word "product" after

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