laundry card missing
dispenser out of service
alternatives locked

heard something about "Chariot" and thought "ah, the future of transportation is the past"

Me, the other day: "All I'll do is control a few synth parameters directly"
Me today: making a custom version of MIDI

browsed fedi and encountered something upsetting

a human face discussing hashtag life hacks

Unstructured concurrency is kind of nifty in the context of audio apps cause you don't actually have to think very hard about the literal synchronization of external control parameters, you just have to make sure those parameters don't change during block processing.

Golang newbie q: Do goroutines apply any r/w barriers? I noticed some interaction with my drawing and audio code that looks like a typical shared memory concurrency bug. I know how to architect around it but I'm interested in seeing details

Completed my #ldjam game, "Vee's Village". A short tech demo that lets you build a "village" (read: randomly placed walls) and immediately kill the inhabitants to gain strength. For Windows only.

proposal: rename the gnu imp to


the abbreviation will be gif, which is rarely used especially in the context of images and is very easy to pronounce correctly

MSI takes it one step further by including your graphics card's fursona right in the box

Seasonal cogitohazard game, "fun" Show more

had Chobits on my mind cause I couldn't help but think I missed something when I watched the anime years back, so I finally went and read the original manga Show more

spent a few hours blocking out a color palette meant to cover both code editing and pixel arts focused on natural tones

basically spent my day reviewing game frameworks since i wanted to discard love2d but wasn't sure about the next step. went thru a lot of options that aren't good fits for galapagos

ended on raylib-go - a straightforward build with msys2, i played with raylib last summer and quite liked it. one of the least broken frameworks around. and i've also spent some time with go, it is boring and tooled well which gives it a high rank in my book

*Codes in Lua* I like Lua

*Returns to old Lua code* ok I want static types now

World in which there are "Morsians" who live in Morse Code communities

they are nice but you have to speak their protocol

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