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new female experience unlocked: staring at my face in the mirror for an extended time angsting about how ugly I am even though nothing meaningful I am aware of has changed since the last many times I looked at my face in the mirror and thought "wow I'm pretty"

Just watched Princess and the Frog for the first time and I know this movie has problems but also I really really liked it.

also, Naveen/Tiana/Lottie OT3, seriously, this movie actually had a love triangle that was a triangle and not an angle, amazing

I just watched Wreck-It Ralph for the first time, and consequently found out that the final spoken words in it are "how bad can I be" and learning that is certainly a very distinct emotion
I really enjoyed the movie it was great

From the existence of Britney Spears and Brooke Shields, I deduce the further existence of a Brandi Suits, a Breanna Swords, a Brunhilda Steeds, and a possible sixth "shadow celebrity" Bryce Spells. In this essay I will

the one thing that stinks about being trans: not being able to properly dunk on misandry anymore
before I'd see people just brimming with pride over how much they hate, like, half of the world's population for existing, and my brain would just automatically extend like eight middle fingers back
whereas now it's just like "hmm seems kinda terfy idk :/" and they can just be like "oh no sorry for the confusion i'm not a terf i wasn't talking about you!" and just 🤷‍♀️

oh my god how did I never get before that the thing that comes out of an egg is A CHICK

The protagonist of classic fanfic My Immortal, Enby,

transmisia, weird treatment of actual people 


Tiffany! awooed

I have a hot bi trans girl take on something really petty, silly, and abstract

Tiffany! awooed

shoutouts to everyone who is only out online because their IRL circumstances don't allow it

Tiffany! awooed

ditz content 

is it extra ditzy if it's just a sketch riffing off another image making the exact joke?

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