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I received feedback that my actions had made someone uncomfortable. I’ve addressed that with them, but want to say I appreciated their honesty.

If I do or say something that makes someone feel uncomfortable, offended, or is out of line in any way, please call me out. I want to be a good member of the community and a good person in general. I feel very strongly about accepting consequences and learning from mistakes. So please tell me if I make one. This applies online and in meat space.

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to migrate over here from

Expect more kitten

Having trouble getting to sleep, so please enjoy tonight’s episode of kitties in a box

Finally got to try Blue Rose RPG at a one shot tonight. I knew I was going to love an rpg filled with psychic animals, but damn that was good. I really want to be in an actual campaign now.

Good night friends. May you all be happily snuggled in your dens, nests, burrows, lairs, or boxes.

Been waiting for someone to get in the box all day. Dimitri just doesn’t care today.

I haven’t gotten a pick of any kitties in a box yet today, so here’s a purr monster.

Video description: 7 second clip of a kitty purring on a chair

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I’ll be at OrcaCon all weekend. If you’re here, please let me know. I’d love to get a game in or just hang out.

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Just got my passport back with updated name and gender marker. It feels weird but I’m so happy to have such an important document reflect who I am.

If y’all get tired of seeing my gay babies in a box, let me know.

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