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Honestly can’t remember if I posted this when I received it, but going to repost so I can pin it. Commission from Spyn42 on telegram.

I’m a hacker kitty.

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species musing 

A bit ago @Aradia asked me why a cat? I had some answers then, but I’ve also thought a lot more on it in the months since

I’m Tebasha and I’m a house cat

I seem lazy, but I’m just conserving my energy for play and other important things

I love to bring my friends gifts from my hunts. More cute things that remind me of them than half dead prey thought.

I’m always chasing after that shiny light that I just can’t catch

Butt wiggles and pouncing

A cute tail, which I express my emotions with

Easily scared and fleeing to my safe space

Love, love, love pets, scritches, and cuddles

Could survive on my own, but much happier with protection and love

Makes cute noises when happy

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I received feedback that my actions had made someone uncomfortable. I’ve addressed that with them, but want to say I appreciated their honesty.

If I do or say something that makes someone feel uncomfortable, offended, or is out of line in any way, please call me out. I want to be a good member of the community and a good person in general. I feel very strongly about accepting consequences and learning from mistakes. So please tell me if I make one. This applies online and in meat space.

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to migrate over here from

Expect more kitten

lewd furry appreciation post 

Critters make me cum so hard 🐭🦊🦉🐅💦

meat no ec 

When you have chicken that has to be used before going bad but live in the apocalypse

How I feel about the air quality whenever waking by a smoking area.

trans meme cartoon ec 

I might be more like 102% by that measure

Sadly I don’t know who to credit on this.

Watchlist for the weekend:

Introduced the kid to the 80s and 90s greatness of the first two Bill and Ted movies.

Watched a bunch of episodes of Kiss Him, Not Me with @candleglow

Watched the original Mulan movie with spouse

Watched new Bill and Ted with family

Finished the new season of Agretsuko

Jupiter Ascending for the first time under the stars

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What a great fucking weekend.

Friday evening I spent watching movies and playing games with the kiddo

Yesterday was amazing and left me feeling recharged and spiritually fulfilled.

Today I curled up with my spouse, watched movies and anime. Then attended an outdoor movie night with friends.

Tomorrow I will try and get some necessary chores done so I can enjoy DnD with my friends in the evening.

I love y’all.

Something that never occurred to me until last night
Men just have Mr.
Women have Miss., Ms., and Mrs.

Even women’s titles are based on their perceived availability to men

I’m sure this isn’t anything new for many to ponder, but it was new to me.

Tell Me Why vol 1 released today. I was involved with testing it and it's amazing. This article sums up so many of my feels about the game

I’m the past week I’ve watched three movies that are extremely popular I’d never seen before.

The Princess Bride - basically had absorbed the whole movie by cultural osmosis already. I enjoyed it, but felt like watching a 2 hour meme at this point.

Frozen and Frozen 2: hell I was on a podcast episode discussing these movies and had never watched them. I did really enjoy them and felt like Frozen 2 was one of those rare cases the sequel was better.

Also watched The Fifth Element with @candleglow. It’s one of my all time favorites and I’ve seen it more times than I can count, but she never had. Damn it holds up so well and I can still laugh at all the funny bits despite seeing it so much.

selfie, partial ec 

So MTG goth girls is a thing on Twitter today. Hadn’t been dressed up much since pandemic started, so decided to take a fresh pic. Hard to see from the pic, but my tits look even better in this dress than they did last summer.

implied spoilers for BNA 

Don’t know source, but damn it’s cute. Michiru and Nazuna are adorable.

us pol shitpost 

Things I’d totally expect to see in the fediverse but not twitter

Recent pickup (yeah I know foxes aren’t dogs, but this art was beautiful). Love to have more fox in my magic.

The void is full and is unable to accept further screaming. Please direct screams to /dev/null

cat, very ec 

She shut my laptop down. How am I supposed to work? Someone file a Jira ticket for me to pet Kali more.

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