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Honestly can’t remember if I posted this when I received it, but going to repost so I can pin it. Commission from Spyn42 on telegram.

I’m a hacker kitty.

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species musing 

A bit ago @Aradia asked me why a cat? I had some answers then, but I’ve also thought a lot more on it in the months since

I’m Tebasha and I’m a house cat

I seem lazy, but I’m just conserving my energy for play and other important things

I love to bring my friends gifts from my hunts. More cute things that remind me of them than half dead prey thought.

I’m always chasing after that shiny light that I just can’t catch

Butt wiggles and pouncing

A cute tail, which I express my emotions with

Easily scared and fleeing to my safe space

Love, love, love pets, scritches, and cuddles

Could survive on my own, but much happier with protection and love

Makes cute noises when happy

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to migrate over here from

Expect more kitten

selfie, ec 

It was so damn nice out today and I got to spend it surrounded by amazing critters.

Threesomes? Amazing

Threesomes followed by another partner arriving and everyone cuddling on the couch to watch a Studio Ghibli movie? Ecstasy.

It’s pride month and I’m proud as hell to be a

Got a problem with any of that? Fuck off.

lewd shitpost 

Trans girl orgasms are so good they cause system crashes

no spoiler media review for the week 

Oh forgot one - Yasuke S1

Damn this was a good show and very different from what I expected. Another ultraviolent show so keep that in mind. The animation was amazing and the hints of what came before make me want to see more of those world.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

If you’ve watched any of these shows and want to discuss with spoilers, reply with an updated content warning.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

Iseki Quartet season 2 - binged this one straight through on Sunday. More of the same silly skits as season 1. A long series of inside jokes for anime fans even if you don’t know the individual shows involved. It’s silly fun but nothing fresh

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no spoiler media review for the week 

The Bad Batch S1E3

Why can’t they release all the episodes at once for proper binging? Damn you Disney. Best Star Wars content since Rebels ended. So far this has been the least interesting episode but that’s not saying much since it was still really good.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

Kid From the Last dungeon - S1E10

Another fun new comedy this year. Getting close to the end of season 1 and this was a bit of a filler episode with some setup for the final act. Very funny though and the premise of this whole show is hilarious.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

Castlevania season 4 - I binged this in it’s entirety. The dark humor and ultraviolence continues with an interesting story. Picks up directly from season 3 and doesn’t let up at all. If you liked the earlier seasons you’ll love it. If not then don’t watch.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

Reincarnated as a Slime episode 32 “Hope”. Sad episode which sets the stage for the most important part of the current arc. So far this season has been a great retelling of light novel 5. This is one of my top 3 anime of all time and waiting for new episodes every other week is painful slow.

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no spoiler media review for the week 

This week was pretty great for media - I’ve been pretty depressed so watching a bit more that usual.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle - episode 12 season finale. Great wrap up to the first season of what is easily my favorite new anime of the year. So damn whimsical. I cannot recommend this show enough if you are looking for a light hearted fantasy story.

Three of the most important things I’ve learned since I began transitioning

1) being honest with yourself requires you have some idea what your own wants and needs are. Acts of service are wonderful, but I also have to address what makes me happy

2) it’s better to be hated by many but truly loved by a few than to try and please everyone all the time. My existence is an affront to the status quo and that is a beautiful thing

3) being afraid of being myself because of what others may think was a form or serious self harm

trans femme sexuality, anatomy but not lewd 

This guide fits me well. Thoughts?

silly dom/sub reference - lewd addendum 

Beta testing has shown it’s hard for your sub to say “no u” when their mouth is full

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silly dom/sub reference 

You’ve heard of self care doms that make sure their subs have enough to drink, eat and are taking care of themselves

Introducing self image improvement soft dom
She ties the sub down then plays with them until they can no longer reply with “no you” when you call them cute

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