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Honestly can’t remember if I posted this when I received it, but going to repost so I can pin it. Commission from Spyn42 on telegram.

I’m a hacker kitty.

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species musing 

A bit ago @Aradia asked me why a cat? I had some answers then, but I’ve also thought a lot more on it in the months since

I’m Tebasha and I’m a house cat

I seem lazy, but I’m just conserving my energy for play and other important things

I love to bring my friends gifts from my hunts. More cute things that remind me of them than half dead prey thought.

I’m always chasing after that shiny light that I just can’t catch

Butt wiggles and pouncing

A cute tail, which I express my emotions with

Easily scared and fleeing to my safe space

Love, love, love pets, scritches, and cuddles

Could survive on my own, but much happier with protection and love

Makes cute noises when happy

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to migrate over here from

Expect more kitten

Update - she saw my message about this on another platform and we’re doing a coffee date now 😸

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Tried to flirt with cute girl… ended up talking about my D&D characters. Yup, I’m just too much of a geek.

I’m the weird queer aunt and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Been a while since I posted some kitty pics. They’re being so adorable and sleepy.

They’ve got a good point.

Alt text:

How’s the fuck can there be anti vaccine “witches”? If you disagree with binding a malignant invisible entity into a single drop of potion that seals a subject’s blood against the full force of the very same entity’s curse, Then you’re not and can never be a witch, you’re just a karen that buys rocks.

Got back a lovely sticker pack I commissioned from @goblins. It’s available on Telegram and Signal if you want a cute cat girl for your messages

This comic hits me hard in the feels. I’ve been feeling so detached from everyone lately.

I have once again
Failed to find sleep, holding phone
I will never learn

What’s your gender as an HTTP status code?

Mine is 500 Internal Server Error

seen in one of of the trans discords I'm in, couldn't stop laughing

Best pickup line I ever got: Correct me if I’m wrong, but are your pronouns my/date?

redrafted to make public

Pan should be the default sexuality in any fantasy or sci-fi setting. You have an infinite diversity of potential partners, why the hell would heteronormativity even exist?

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