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Honestly can’t remember if I posted this when I received it, but going to repost so I can pin it. Commission from Spyn42 on telegram.

I’m a hacker kitty.

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species musing 

A bit ago @Aradia asked me why a cat? I had some answers then, but I’ve also thought a lot more on it in the months since

I’m Tebasha and I’m a house cat

I seem lazy, but I’m just conserving my energy for play and other important things

I love to bring my friends gifts from my hunts. More cute things that remind me of them than half dead prey thought.

I’m always chasing after that shiny light that I just can’t catch

Butt wiggles and pouncing

A cute tail, which I express my emotions with

Easily scared and fleeing to my safe space

Love, love, love pets, scritches, and cuddles

Could survive on my own, but much happier with protection and love

Makes cute noises when happy

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to migrate over here from

Expect more kitten

Jokes on them, I always wanted to be a cat.

Not sure on source, friend sent it to me.

Me: I want to go to sleep
Internal GM: roll a wisdom save
Me: well that’s a 1
GM: oh another critical fail. You pickup your phone and start doom scrolling . You can try the saving throw again in one hour.

To me, intimate physical closeness with someone is a spiritual experience. From platonic cuddles to the hottest sex, the feeling of connecting to another person born of stars long since past is divine. Of all the infinite cosmos, we’re sharing the same moment in time and space.

Cw: cat very ec

I got this inquisitive look from Freya and she stayed still long enough for me to get the pic. I love it so much

Twenty years after making my first payment, I finally paid off my student loan debt today. I paid more in interest than the combined principle. If I hadn’t had home equity, I’d be paying another 10 years.
Many people will be stuck in this forever.

We love putting up holiday lights to push away the darkness. I hadn’t been able to put them up yet since I’d been sick.

Since they don’t have blessed solstice lights, I got some of these crescent moonlights for the path in front of the house

selfie ec 

First day I haven’t felt like total crap in a while, so got cute.

I’m so much more self confident than I used to be, but this is still 100% accurate.

Need an alternative to doom scrolling? Try floof scrolling. Just flick through the timeline looking for cute animal pics while someone special is cuddled up behind you.

Don’t stop scrolling for anything but animals.

The cuddle part is optional, but does greatly enhance the experience.

selfies, ec 

I really appreciate the responses to this. I’ve never been so happy with my hair before.

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selfies, ec 

Got my hair done today by the very queer and talented Pink Ruby Salon. Feeling so foxy

It’s the best time of the year and I got some new friends for the yard. Need to see if I can get better pics tomorrow

lewd furry appreciation post 

Critters make me cum so hard 🐭🦊🦉🐅💦

meat no ec 

When you have chicken that has to be used before going bad but live in the apocalypse

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