game idea 

y’know, darkness is often considered the absence of light, but what if it was the other way around? what if the world was bathed in blinding light such that you can only see things by introducing shadow?

imagine revealing the way forward by popping open umbrellas, activating machines, growing trees, the introduction of shade bringing the world into focus. the main character could even have a boomeranging shield that briefly shades the ground below it, revealing what’s ahead


game idea 

The Apollo Sanctum from Golden Sun is kinda like this. Sveta, the only one who can wear the Umbra Armour, is the only member of the party who can navigate the main area of the Sanctum, because its bathed in such an extreme amount of sunlight it burns everyone else. Its literally the last temple in the series though, so it's rather disappointing how little the mechanic is used.

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