- Name: Tazer Silverscar (not my real name)
- Gender/Sex: Male/Male
- Age: 30 (but mentally younger)
- Nationality: Irish
- Sexuality: Straight(?)
- Disabilities: Epilepsy (primarily stress triggered), Autism (communication, emotion, learning, motivation, contact, possibly others, but uncertain)

- Likes: Drawing, Watching TV, Playing TTRPGs, Playing video games, Eating (most food), Traveling (preferably accompanied), Most nature, Most animals (especially Dogs and Rabbits), Music (preferably rock, but I have an appreciation for many kinds), Intelligent comedy (so usually not slapstick stuff, but sometimes I find that enjoyable too), Japanese stuff (as long as it doesn't get TOO weird), Giant robots, Action figures and many more.
- Dislikes: Politics (but don't get me started on it, I could talk about it all day, because I dislike it that much), certain food textures (usually anything that's either woody, rubbery or slimy), Accidents (usually because I have a bad habit of blaming myself, even if it's completely unavoidable), Trolls, Many other things I'd rather not mention.

I hope that this massive list doesn't put too many people off, because you guys are all amazing <3

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