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he's just standing there, staring at me

Folks on the dance committee have started making "maybe we don't need masks anymore" noises and jegus fuck, I assumed if I was gonna leave Scottish it was gonna be because of the gender bullshit, not because I genuinely feared for my health

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Hannah Montana is no match for Harryland Maryland

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@SuperTaliaDX @devurandom Building on this, and on what @woozle mentions, I wonder if the reason we *think* there exists an age at which a person's character becomes "fixed" is because, until recently, a person's social *environment* would have already been "fixed" before that. No new exposure to new personalities or opinions or ways of thinking. Nothing new to learn. Nothing to grow from. Except all these "weird kids" running around "trying to turn the world upside-down," who you just ignore because you assume they "just don't get" "how the world works", so you think you don't need to learn from them.

But now, with how much easier it is to interact with people outside of work, or church, or the house you literally live in, you *can* find people--from all over the world, even!--to learn new things from, to continue to become a *better* person, rather than a more stagnant one.

I am pleased to report that, after hitting an all time house-minimum of four eggs on Saturday, we now have 38 eggs

I have been having a very nice time in California, but gosh I miss home and I am looking forward to being back soon!

Had productive day today and got some cleaning done and now I ought to prep lessons or work on my room more but nah

I have to get through two half days and do a heap of grading and then I can have five days in a row where I just sleep.

Knowing that it's the anniversary-effect helltimes doesn't actually make it less of a hell times. Wow do I hate late November though.

Yes, I do occasionally do commissions that aren’t porn. This is Gwent, Sorcyress’ D&D character. She dyes fabric!

I am anxious as hell and sortof a huge emotional stressball wreck this week, but seeing Isabelle be happy in her morning announcements is a genuine soothe to my soul.

Choosing this as my first Mastodon server I *think* makes me officially a furry now, cool times!

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