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About follow requests 

Thought it would be nice to have a "proper" post about that.

I'm pretty new to Masto and I tend to forget that you can limit posts to follower-only and that some people may prefer to limit who is following them, because of this or simply because they want to know who is watching them.

So, usually, when I send a follow request (unless it's a follow-back), it's because I've seen your messages on your profile and I'm pretty interested in seeing more in my feed, and maybe try to interact a little bit with you.

For some (lots of) people, it must be in the other order, you must first interact with them before, and it's perfectly understandable. That's how it works in real life.

That hits a little bit against my lurker nature ( :dragnmlempeek:​ ) , and that's why I keep sending follow request (but I always respect when you set in your profile that you don't want "spontaneous" requests)

So, again, really sorry if you didn't appreciate the request, I didn't want to bother you and feel definitly free to refuse it...

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Hello ! I'm just a curious dwagon, pretty interested about how Mastodon works, and foxes...
(And hi, I'm a french CS undergraduate student)

I might have weird way to interact with people, sorry in advance if I make mistakes...

As I'm a bit new on this platform, sorry if I don't follow the usual implicit guidelines (I never used networks like twitter...)... don't hesitate to tell me if what I'm doing is right/wrong ^

Feel free to if my posts interest you, I'm usually talking about IT stuff, ranting about C/C++, or talking about some videogames (FFXIV...).

And I'm like: "What am I going to do with these?"
I don't think I'll find anyone to buy these, you can't update them or get software for them, but they are still running nicely and all...!

I'm not gonna throw a perfectly fine tablet at the trash recycling center?! It doesn't make sense... But I cannot see any other useful usage of them, except letting them take spme dust on a shelf until the battery dies or the whole tablet cannot boot again...

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Wonderful pieces of technology now unusable because it's too "old" and not because it's not enough powerful...

At least for consoles, you'll still have plenty of dedicated individuals to maintain a kind of software ecosystem (like on *DS* consoles), but nobody cares about old phones/tablets...

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It's even sadder to see that nearly all apps are now incompatible with this Android version, so it basically became unusable, even if it's still able to run basic games nicely! :dragnsob:
I remember spending lots of time playing to Cytus, that's what made me like rythm games, and it still runs nicely on it... even if I cannot update it anymore :dragnsad:

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Today I revived my two old tablets, running Android 4.1 and 5.0 :dragnheart:

The 5.0 one was a free gift from a delivery website and is unusable anyway but I wanted to clean it from personal data :dragn_sip:

The 4.1 was the first modern piece if technology I was given after my DS. It's related to some good memories, but also the physical representation of my videogame addiction...
The amount of hours I lost on mobile games back when I didn't have a proper computer is awfully high... :dragnsweats:

I'm not as active here as I used to be, but I'd like to keep reading about y'all & posting sometimes...
I'll try to come a bit more regularily :dragnheart:

Everytime I go out, it starts raining

N=3, ro=0

That mosquitto is going to annoy me all night long..... :dragnconfused:

Having scales would solve most of the problem tho...

I tried Devil May Cry (the first) today.
Gotta say I'm pretty interested, we'll see if I'll keep the hype to get until the 5th

re: rant about Windows/Micro$oft 

I installed that f*cking May 21 SSU package at least 10 times for nothing, I'm really happy

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re: rant about Windows/Micro$oft 

The funniest part being that on the "version" page you have on Microsoft support website, they say the update will be deployed "automatically", their pages pointing you in a loop of "click on the 'check for updates' button and just wait" and to a page describing the exact package I'm looking for, but that you cannot download from MS Update Catalog for some reason :dragnconfused:

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rant about Windows/Micro$oft 

So, it's been 6 months that my f*cking Windows 10 21H1 didn't want to update, and it's only now after a cumulate 4 hours of search that I find that the "Windows Update Assistant" I has was an old tool which was only meant to help people with versions <20XX to upgrade, and that I had to download an other tool on the official website, where not a single f*cking other website I found could link to, thinking it was "way too dumb", and that this tool FINALLY detects that I'm running 21H1 instead of 21H2 and I should upgrade

Would it be possible to "extract" a Windows license from a current install?
I'd want to retrieve it so that I can fully and cleanly reinstall Windows, in GPT/UEFI mode...

It won't support Windows 11 as it only has a TPM1.2, and I'm still on Legacy/MBR/BIOS setup because the guy who installed it was clearly drunk...

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How hard would it be to find a M.2 SSD compatible with an old laptop (PCIe2.0 4x only) at a relatively low price?
And is it worth it (it currently has a 1TB 7400rpm HDD)?

15 mins to prepare the computer for Linux (swtich to AHCI, disable secure boot) + 1 min for boot times combined + 5 mins of install

So quick to install Linux :dragonuwu:

You can't use Manjaro/Arch based with secure boot ? :dragnconfused:

I'll have to install a Linux distro on my desktop PC, but I still don't know which one I'll use.

I think I'll reinstall a Manjaro as my previous experience with it was pleasant and because it's a "modern" PC.

I still have a Debian on my laptop because I want it to be stable. It's my backup computer, "the One which doesn't fail" :tm: so it mustn't break on each update :dragnheart:

Imagine having an embedded DVD drive in your laptop :blobfoxgoogly:

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