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About follow requests 

Thought it would be nice to have a "proper" post about that.

I'm pretty new to Masto and I tend to forget that you can limit posts to follower-only and that some people may prefer to limit who is following them, because of this or simply because they want to know who is watching them.

So, usually, when I send a follow request (unless it's a follow-back), it's because I've seen your messages on your profile and I'm pretty interested in seeing more in my feed, and maybe try to interact a little bit with you.

For some (lots of) people, it must be in the other order, you must first interact with them before, and it's perfectly understandable. That's how it works in real life.

That hits a little bit against my lurker nature ( :dragnmlempeek:​ ) , and that's why I keep sending follow request (but I always respect when you set in your profile that you don't want "spontaneous" requests)

So, again, really sorry if you didn't appreciate the request, I didn't want to bother you and feel definitly free to refuse it...

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Hello ! I'm just a curious dwagon, pretty interested about how Mastodon works, and foxes...
(And hi, I'm a french CS undergraduate student)

I might have weird way to interact with people, sorry in advance if I make mistakes...

As I'm a bit new on this platform, sorry if I don't follow the usual implicit guidelines (I never used networks like twitter...)... don't hesitate to tell me if what I'm doing is right/wrong ^

Feel free to if my posts interest you, I'm usually talking about IT stuff, ranting about C/C++, or talking about some videogames (FFXIV...).

In kernelspace, no one can hear you scream...
... except if you make a syscall to make the printer print full pages of "AAAAAA", in which case they'll reinstall the computer and you will disappear... :blobfoxgoogly:

Found the original 3DS e-shop theme, I took so many emotional damages It'd be faster to count my remaining HP :dragnsweats:

@kat Today's FFXIV heardle should interest you :dragnheart:

(If you don't know the concept, you gotta guess a music name from its intro, each attempt with lenghten the extract you can listen to, the goal being to find the song in the least number of attempts)

FFXIV heardle 

Funny tho that they chose the old ingame version while a "Primal" version exists, with better quality & without the bomb sounds in the background

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FFXIV heardle 

Finally a song which is older than SB, much appreciated :dragnmelt:
And what music... :blobfoxmelt3:

Ironic that my best days for writing my internship report are days where I can't focus on one thing for more than 15 mins...
Alternating between writing, and doomscrolling
But I wrote 7 pages :dragneyes:

Always funny to use terms like "kernelspace" and "userland", I like the metaphor it's implying, the separation between casual user-allowed memory space, and the out of reach reserved kernel memory :dragnthinkhappy:

Good night y'all, and good luck for the coming week, hope it'll go smoothly! :dragnheart:

And that lvl90 ultra-satisfying finisher which makes you dunk on the boss :dragnmelt:

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and inner chaos sometimes, for some extra spicy direct hit+crit

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Tank (Warrior) mains in FFXIV be like:

I don't know who I am, I don't know where I am, all I know is f e l l c l e a v e

Joke apart, it's always appreciated to hear musics you may not hear often if you don't have the name

Perfect example is (SHB warning) Innocence theme, which is obviously called... "Insanity" :blobfoxgoogly:

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Waiting for the day they'll put "The black wolf strikes again" so I can deeply vibe and also die from anxiety at the same time :dragnmelt: :dragnsweats:

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Got today's music only because I had to farm the mount, but yeah, that voice :blobfoxshocked:

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FFXIV heardle is just a serie of either deeply traumatic musics, or bangers (except that "flamenco" music, it was just an ufo among these)

The existence of a subsection implied that somewhere, a domsection exists

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