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Hey, if I don't approve your follow it doesn't mean I don't like/want to talk to you! I'm just real picky, since I do tend to upload WIPs, and talk about real personal stuff on here.

Kinda wish there was a general follow option, for notifications of someone's public toots.

Today sucked, apologies to anyone that expected something of me today! Got next to nothing done after work. Life has a way of draining me completely.

Managed to write a few lines of code though for my Eka's uploader...Guess that's something. One step at a time.

✅Finish new MouseCakes
✅Work on uploader for Eka's
✅Maybe learn some Python?
🔜Write YouTube video title scraper for my streams (it's in Python)
🔜Finish YCH sketches
🔜Maaaaybe Forest comic??

50% ain't bad I think!

Powered through, I'm beat. Not my best work, and I had to cut a few corners (in particular around some character design elements, just not enough time or energy), but I'd rather that then having nothing to show.

New comic not looking very likely this week. Too much going on, and I just didn't get any chance to draw on Tuesday or Thursday, which are my other drawing days, due to how tired I was.

Maybe I should take this week to regroup, try again next week...

I used to be able to stay up all night drawing and working on stuff, but I just don't have that in me anymore. Think that has less to do with getting older, as it does with life dragging me down something fierce. Every day is more tiring than the last.

Goals for this weekend:
-Finish new MouseCakes
-Work on uploader for Eka's
-Maybe learn some Python?
-Write YouTube video title scraper for my streams (it's in Python)
-Finish YCH sketches
-Maaaaybe Forest comic??

...That's probably enough for a week, lol

FA Downloader complete! Scraped my entire gallery. It's not exactly user friendly yet (there's no UI and it requires log-in), but it ensures it pulls the title, description, tags, and the full size image, and has no duplicate entries.

Next up: Uploader that'll tie in to Eka's.

I feel like an absolute mess today! Pull it together.

Ya know, sometimes I feel like a Dark Souls Hollow. Beaten down over and over again, but I keep getting back up to get beaten down again. Withered and drained but still going somehow. Just hope there's a better ending for me.

I'm sorry I'm so bad at carrying on conversations and have like zero desire to RP at all. It all just feels like work lately, and I don't have the energy for it.

This is why I stopped playing Persona 4 by the way, I hated trying to keep up the social links. Felt bad about it. XP

Random vore game thoughts 


Do your best today. ❤️

But take some time for yourself, too. Self care is important.

Bit of a preview! Working on the wuff's new refsheet. Think I'm getting my style down better... Next up, back view and clothes and color! <3

And this is still without inking! Just sketch work only. Little changes like that really makes drawing/coloring more fun for me.

Plans for today:

-Get overalls
-Draw stuff
-Maybe a ref sheet??

Gonna be working on the fence on Thursday! I've never built a fence before!

villain: What do you mean I can't do this? I don't get why you're trying so hard, no one else cares. I'm genuinely curious.

Me, sitting down: You know I didn't think you'd actually listen. Gosh where do I even start...

Spent hours debating with him. I'm tired, lol.

Vore talk 

Gonna go see SHAZAM toni- *lightning strikes, gets all big and muscled* - ght! So might not be back till late!

Rollerblade wheels attached to chair! It's taller and rolls a lot better now, this is nice~

Man...Don't stay up late with me. I will get so carried away I'll ramble on about things I'm normally reserved about, and then just feel embarrassed come morning.

"Mmnn, that was a weird dream I...Oh, wait, no, here's the logs. I didn't just dream that. u///u"

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