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Hey, if I don't approve your follow it doesn't mean I don't like/want to talk to you! I'm just real picky, since I do tend to upload WIPs, and talk about real personal stuff on here.

Kinda wish there was a general follow option, for notifications of someone's public toots.

Ooof...I really, really need to draw tomorrow. I probably won't be around too much on messengers, and here's hoping my folks give me some space too.

Soooooo much I need to do.

re: CW: Friends mad at each other, caught in the middle 

CW: Friends mad at each other, caught in the middle 

Flat tire on the freeway! Guess I'm not making it to work today, lol.

*lays in bed, frowning* ...My bedsheets are two different shades of blue and it's driving me bonkers

Feeling a bit better! Still a bit stuffed up, but I'd say I'm like 60%. And I can think more clearly, instead about how tired and sick I am.

Aaaand now here comes all the vore thoughts, lol.

Wuff Update: I'm sick! Again!

Just so you know, I'm gonna be out of it for days probably, sorry.

It's great finding out you've been asleep because the person you're talking to starts screaming as the sky opens up and a giant eldritch face appears and screams down at YOU in particular and then you realize it's just a fighter jet roaring low over your house for some reason.

Love getting woken up from some very nice dreams cause someone wanted to yell downstairs at 5 AM about...???

Great. Wonderful! YES! PAAAAAUUUNCH!

*sets ringtone to Giorno's theme*

...*waits for someone to call him* c:

CW: Vore, implied digestion, big bellies~ 

...This is the best production bug I've ever seen. Our product page was actually taken down by a vendor making pun names for the color of their products. XD I'm dying in this meeting, lol.


... Okay, yeah, I sat down and dozed off immediately! That's cool. That's fine. :( I didn't need all that time anyway... :C

CW: Sick wuff/mouse, underwear bulges I guess. XD 

Vore musings 

*finally sits down in front of a blank canvas at 11 PM, knowing he has work again in the morning*

...It's been a long day. Do I really wanna try to force myself today?

CW: Vore stuff, auto-uploader 

CW: Inflation 

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