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Hey, if I don't approve your follow it doesn't mean I don't like/want to talk to you! I'm just real picky, since I do tend to upload WIPs, and talk about real personal stuff on here.

Kinda wish there was a general follow option, for notifications of someone's public toots.

Random self realization about gender attractiveness 

...Random thought, but it's funny how I went from "straight as an arrow" when joining the fandom, to "I dunno what I am, but I'm totally okay with telling my guy friends they're cute/hot". It's a lot easier to see the attractiveness of someone now, regardless of gender.

He had to think about that. "No no, you don't really smile, you /smirk/, that's not the same thing buddy. We'll work on that. I think you enjoy people noticing your work, and you feel valued when they do. But what if people respected instead of feared you? Followed you freely?"

It ended with my struggling against some crazy inter-dimensional being he had summoned, while trying to think of new names to use as a title instead of "conqueror". For some reason he really liked "Smax the Not-Emotionally-Stunted"...

And then I woke up.

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Recurring lately where I'm an intergalactic protector of some sort, on an alien world and we have to protect it from some evil guy I think's called "Smax the Conquer", it's hard to tell with the reverb in his voice. There's other threats, but he's the main one.

He's also very very tough, his henchmen are actually legit a threat, and he's lately shown up with them himself to make sure things go as he planned.

So I've been talking to him. Like straight up going "Hey hey hey, wait a minute... Are you THE Smax? For real? Dude, wow!"

I compliment him on his work, guy's a legend, ask him what he wants, what his plan is, why does he have conquer... And this last dream, I started asking him if he's happy. "You know your laugh when your plan works out and you win? What if you felt that way all the time?"

I am 110% all about this. Gets me pumped just listening to this! Timestamped to the second version of the song.

All proceeds go to Unicef too if you buy the song/album!

CW: You are more than your income. This is not your fault. 

Don't be too hard on yourself if things aren't working out. We have the worst president in memory, during a pandemic that's killed 160k+ Americans, and the people in charge are not providing any help or relief. The government is the failure here, not you.

You are more than your income.

Don't shoulder the blame and damage your self worth because the system is rigged and isn't working. SCREW THAT. You are not a failure. You. Are. Not.

We're all struggling together! Going to work and catching Covid could possibly kill you or the people you care about. This is not on you! You should not have to struggle or even worry about finding work during this time. It's irresponsible of those in charge to expect it.

You are not worthless.

Forest's guide to finding big old spiders in your room:

- Get your room cold. Less than 70°F cold
- Keep it like that for an hour or so
- Look in the corners of your room near the ceiling for spiders seeking warmer air

Fun fact: I no longer sleep with my head near the wall due to waking up to spiders near it for warmth. It was the worst.

I don't think I'd make a good snake. I'd do the hissing thing and just never stop after my first letter S, so I'd just sound like I'm deflating.

"Hee...Welcome to my coilssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-"

"...Are you okay?"

"-sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss *passes out*"

Terrible vore horror (vorerror?) idea 

You're in someone's predscape, but have to deal with their nightmares when they're asleep, cause their subconscious takes over.

"No, listen, you NEED to eat Dwayne, he's the only one that can handle that thing we fought last night!"

CW: Late night musings 

...Is the opposite of "soft drink" just "hard food"?

"Firm tofu"


CW: Extremely goofy vore thoughts 

*laying in bed before a work meeting*

... Man, what if like...You did a DBZ-style power up to digest someone? And once the dust clears your new final form is still you, but fatter and your clothes barely fit?

CW: Weird dream, vore references too! 

where I worked for a fox lady who used a perfume made from special flowers she grew to slowly make herself the thing you desired most. I think she ran a hotel? I was Forest in the dream, and she had a bunny headmaid in charge of things who was head over heels for her.

So she got real upset when she turned most of her attention to me (mostly cause her perfume wasn't working like how she wanted). We eventually had to work together on something, and the bunny finally asked how I told the lady no earlier, since no one was ever able to before.

I said something like: "Oh, I can tell what she wants to do...I know a lot about dealing with desires, since I'm a wolf. It can get overwhelming...Heck, I want you /real/ bad right now!" and she just blushes bright. "...Oh, s-sorry, not like /that/..." as I wiped away some drool.

There was more to it but we eventually worked together and became friends and gosh I wanted to eat her the whoooole time, lol.

In other words I woke up real hungry today... XD

[Checking wuff status]
Energy levels... 76%
Repair status... 88%
Fluff levels... 100%
Bunny capacity... 🐇🐇🐇
Art status... Resuming

Warning: External factors limit operating at full capacity!

Thank you for using FoWare! We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Goofy talk about things I'm afraid of 

I think I just realized that most things I've been afraid of/hate, I just don't want touching me.

Spiders? NO THANKS

Aliens? Don't touch my face with those long freaky fingers! Also, put some clothes on

Muppets? They've got little felt hands! Little tiny ones! Nope.

Haha, the old "we've had this problem in the code for months, but no one knows how to fix it so we'll slip in a symptom of it as a bug so SOMEONE will have to figure it out" trick, eh? It'll be easy they say, riiiight...

A lil something for Willow for being a nice guy and doodling me something when I was having a rough time! I hope I got Willow and Jade right, or at least somewhat close... X3

Hope you all have a great day! ❤

Art Thoughts 

I feel like, even if it's just a framework, having a "setting" for your characters really helps people get invested. It gives context, and makes it more engaging with an audience so it's not just "cool looking character in random location doing random thing".

That's why I like stories a lot. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it's like taking those words out the center of a novel; without context, it's far less impactful.

That's why I find myself explaining pictures, even comics, more in the description. Wish more peeps did that.

CW: Vore, fast gurgles, fat wuff! 

Did I link to this yet? Animation I commissioned from Humbug! Wuff gets hungry sometimes~

I've done it, I've found the absolute laziest FA note in existence.
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...Yes, they misspelled "hi". It's kind of amazing. XD

CW: Weird Thoughts 

*laying in bed*

...What if the only reason I don't shrink like Mario when I get hurt is because I've not been hit by a turtle shell yet?

...Wait... What if it's because THIS is my tiny form??

*contemplates this for far too long*

Dozed off, had a dream that became a super famous baseball player cause everyone else had stayed at home and gotten weak and soft.

I was like Yamcha from DBZ when he got a job as a baseball player! I was perfect and unstoppable.

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