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Hey, if I don't approve your follow it doesn't mean I don't like/want to talk to you! I'm just real picky, since I do tend to upload WIPs, and talk about real personal stuff on here.

Kinda wish there was a general follow option, for notifications of someone's public toots.

CW: Fo-February Update! 

CW: BUTTS, possible vore implications, Kirby 

Definitely taking a day or so off of commissions, before I burn out or something! Still hoping to finish more this week, but yeah... Between waiting for invoices and all this stuff at work, would be good to have less to do for a bit, lol.

Postybirb tip:

If you want to get the FA icon for Patreon without it trying to turn the code into a link to Patreon, just use :_Patreonicon: instead of :Patreonicon:

Starting a link with ":pa" activates some weird Postybirb code that thinks you're linking to a Patreon account. But adding the underscore prevents that, while allowing you to insert the icon all by itself.

Being in charge of a team, however small, is hard work. I'm already starting to put names to faces though. This one is "But I think we should" guy, she's "write down everything lady", etc.

Thanks to everyone who's letting me work on things as much as I want/am able to this month! I'm doing my best to be productive, and it's also a bit of a test on my part, to see how much I can get done in a month, what I'll need to tweak, how much it takes me away from everyone, etc.

This will NOT be the new standard going forward, but it would be nice to know I can bury myself in work for a while and that people won't freak out that I'm barely around... Not that I am usually, anyway. X3

I guess by "take a break" I meant "doze off immediately" somehow, haha. There went my night!

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Done a lot of drawing the past few days! Gonna take a break today and try to relax, and then get back into it. At the rate I'm going, I could possibly reach my goal for Fo-February by mid-month!

CW: Random vore idea submission stats 

Holy cow I wanna do more Ring Fit. XD Like I was telling a friend earlier, it's like my body is going "Finally, a challenge!" even if I hurt all over, lol.

Ring Fit is basically getting lost in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, being abducted by a ring goblin, and forced to do 30 squats after running half a mile to defeat a pokemon.

My legs hurt. XD

CW: Happy Nude Deer! 

It's kind of amazing that I'm getting notes and emails from people who read the old FW! Adventures comics, and recently found theTao of Forest ones and are all excited to see him again! Makes me wanna do more of them sooner rather than later.

I need to post those somewhere besides FA and Twitter...

How to tell when you're sick:
-Get a glass of water
-Drink all the water
-Dump out the ice
-Take empty cup back upstairs
-Wonder where your water went

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As much of a corporate holiday cashgrab as this is, I still take the time to be thankful for the wonderful people in my life. I can't imagine what life would be like without all my amazing friends, I love all of you! ❤

CW: Random goofy vore thoughts 

CW: Thoughts on vore discussion with me 

CW: Slight personal improvement, life stuff, new car! 

CW: Random disappointed late night thoughts 

CW: I'm tired 

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