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Maybe today will be the day where I'll get over my intense dislike for protoboard

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Schematic for phantom powered phone adapter with feedback suppression. Build it for your next work call or lowfi album. Adjust RV1 for minimal feedback.

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Did you know that you can run old telephones off of XLR phantom power? And use them as microphones?!

Hey, I made a video about those weird business cards I made a while ago! Check it ooooooout!

Yay! After some more sanding and with a lot more pressure it totally works! Dumb business cards here we go!

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No luck printing barcodes using 3d printed letterpress plates. There goes my business card idea…

Slow progress on my record lathe. Don't have enough money to really buy many parts, but at least I can CAD and 3D print and put things together with some 3D printer leftovers.

Slyka awooed

Harvest is being presented as part of Sound>Walk>Berlin, the sound in urban space program of the 2021 Monat der Zeitgenössischen Musik Festival (Month of Contemporary Music Festival 2021).
Development and presentation of Harvest has been supported by Musikfonds.

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