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Slyka awooed

Harvest is being presented as part of Sound>Walk>Berlin, the sound in urban space program of the 2021 Monat der Zeitgenössischen Musik Festival (Month of Contemporary Music Festival 2021).
Development and presentation of Harvest has been supported by Musikfonds.

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Slyka awooed

This Friday, 3. September, at bb15 in Linz, we will be giving at talk, releasing a tape, and getting remixed. Let’s explain...

She's gonna bonk ya!

This was fun! Been ages since I did any kind of 3D stuff, or art in general.

So I finally learned how to do grease pencil animation in blender…

Giving this whole federated video thing a try, so check out this video of a MIDI piano getting played by a radioactive camera lens?

Artificial neural network trained on the sound of purring cheetahs

Hey, I made this web based multiplayer retro FPS thing a while ago, and now it's open source, in case somebody is curious about how that kinda thing works!

Also, you can play it on itch!

Well, it… worked? Probably gonna try this again once I can get some nicer fabric. At least they're comfy

Last night I dreamed that I got apprehended by police at the airport cause the hex code of the color of my scarf was . Or maybe they were just appalled by that terrible shade of yellow-green…

Hmm, getting somewhere? Maybe? Need to take another stab at this tomorrow for something less wrinkly

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Finally decides to reupholster my old headphones. Got tired of flaky faux leather. Hope this works out…

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