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Artificial neural network trained on the sound of purring cheetahs

Hey, I made this web based multiplayer retro FPS thing a while ago, and now it's open source, in case somebody is curious about how that kinda thing works!

Also, you can play it on itch!

Well, it… worked? Probably gonna try this again once I can get some nicer fabric. At least they're comfy

Last night I dreamed that I got apprehended by police at the airport cause the hex code of the color of my scarf was . Or maybe they were just appalled by that terrible shade of yellow-green…

Hmm, getting somewhere? Maybe? Need to take another stab at this tomorrow for something less wrinkly

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Finally decides to reupholster my old headphones. Got tired of flaky faux leather. Hope this works out…

3D printed disc detainer lock version 2. Now with 200% more locking!

Think I finally understand how disk detainer locks work. So I designed a 3D printed one in freecad and openscad. You just enter the bitting and it spits out a set of 3D printable disks and a key.

Working on some business card kinda thing using 3D printed printing plates to do my own letterpress printing. It's go hearts! And circuits!

It's all kinda resonant and springy which I really like. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet.

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I got some of the tiniest spring reverb tanks I've ever seen and built an equally tiny circuit to drive it!

The result on spending an entire day distilling old coffee. Stanky Bean cologne for yeens.

More naughty silicone experiments. Trying to cast multi layer two color toys trying to achieve some kind of a wireframe look.

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