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More naughty silicone experiments. Trying to cast multi layer two color toys trying to achieve some kind of a wireframe look.

Lowpoly silicone toy experiments. Made directly from a 3D printed mold

Slyka awooed

Back at the beginning of September, we presented a new work, ‘Alluvium,’ as part of the Ponderosa Unfestival 2020. Here’s a short intro. The work presented sound emerging from underground, outdoors, in a countryside garden — sound from the soil itself, and sounds from an accompanying ghostly choir of voices. We’ll have some more on this soon, but for now, just turn up the volume on this... 🎶🌱🔉

I could just get some external ADCs/DACs that do all that stuff for me, but somehow I chose to go a way that leads to both a worse result and more work?

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Spent about a week so far trying to make a little audio processing board based around an STM32F303 dev board. It's fun-ish, but dealing with aliasing is such a pain…

This game about anxiety might be slightly based on a fictional story

Managed to get over how much I dislike my hands and voice and managed to publish a video about stuff I've been working on to youtube. Yay!

Looks like I'm still alive, so here are some guitar pedals I've made.

It's been a weird year.

I made this vegan leather pencil case over the weekend that I'm really proud of! It's got a fox on it!

Haven't done any kind of sewing like this in a while and this was my first time making a pencil case, so I'm really happy with the results.

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