@manawyrm Yep! Been working on this record lathe for about a year! Goal is to be able to make small runs of custom records, hopefully on bioplastics, and also release all of the plans for this as open source. Still quite a ways to go to get there, both in audio quality (though this new head should be a huge step up) and also controls/software/electronics/mechanics.

@Slyka Awesome, looking forward to hearing some test cuts :)

@Slyka oh, that's already much better than I expected :)
are you doing RIAA equalization already?

this was done without the big concrete platter and thus the speed inaccuracy, right?

@manawyrm Yeah, though the frequency response of the drivers plays the bigger role here.
What you really need to do is find an EQ curve during recording that will come out flat during playback, which will then necessarily also include the RIAA preemphasis.
The main limitation of the hold cutting head was a general lack of power, which greatly limited the dynamic range and frequency response since you need a *lot* of force to cut the high frequencies correctly. So I could either boost the high end and turn down the volume to prevent clipping which resulted in better sound but super low volume, or just take the hit in frequency response for an overall louder signal.
The new drivers should be a huge improvement though, going from tiny 3W 8Ω exciters to huge 20W 4Ω ones.

And yeah, this was just done on top of my normal turntable, which did not handle the load of the cutting head well. The humming is also from the motor being really unhappy about the extra weight.

@manawyrm Here is a recording done on the new concrete platter, still with the old head.

Music by my friend @miuott@twitter.com

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