Any of my followers a pro at audio formats used in late 90s grooveboxes? Dumped the sound ROM from my Korg EM-1, synth waveforms were simple 8 and 12 bit audio but the drums seem… compressed? Repeating 256 bit blocks with an internal 7 bit pattern. Screenshot shows raw bits in rows of 256 of what it probably a single sample. Bits get more sparse as it gets quiet.

tech bla 

Each audio frame consists of a 40 bit header and 31 7 bit samples. The header contains multiple scaling and offset parameters and the 7 bit samples are differential PCM.
Top channel is my decoding attempt, next are the 7 bit DPCM samples, a 16 bit offset, a 6 bit and a 10 bit scaling value for the DPCM data which look almost the same and what I assume to be some kind of exponent.
I'm getting close to the original sound, but it's still kinda messed up…

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