Gantry complete! Wohooo! At least until I find the next problem with it I guess… Probably need to add some right angly bits into the corners for stiffening…

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Oh yeah, also, everything is designed in freecad. Which is sometimes a bit of a pain but the new linking system makes everything work out real nice and makes it easy to work on one subassembly at a time.

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Finally some record lathe progress again. Things are slowly coming together…
Head is 99% done, gantry is 50% done, table 0%.

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Each audio frame consists of a 40 bit header and 31 7 bit samples. The header contains multiple scaling and offset parameters and the 7 bit samples are differential PCM.
Top channel is my decoding attempt, next are the 7 bit DPCM samples, a 16 bit offset, a 6 bit and a 10 bit scaling value for the DPCM data which look almost the same and what I assume to be some kind of exponent.
I'm getting close to the original sound, but it's still kinda messed up…

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Any of my followers a pro at audio formats used in late 90s grooveboxes? Dumped the sound ROM from my Korg EM-1, synth waveforms were simple 8 and 12 bit audio but the drums seem… compressed? Repeating 256 bit blocks with an internal 7 bit pattern. Screenshot shows raw bits in rows of 256 of what it probably a single sample. Bits get more sparse as it gets quiet.

Slyka awooed

Hi. It’s 2022. Happy new year. We’re trying to stay busy, we hope you’re doing ok in the hard times.

Year seven of Minute/Year will be beginning later today. This year, the work is in the main stairwell of Lely, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lely is a modernist building in the west of the city, with a giant stairwell on its northern face, and the work is on the second floor.

Slyka awooed

Covid-permitting, there will be events through the year related to the work, curated and presented by Agnė Auželytė. The work also has a glittery cape this year, courtesy of Stephen Doyle and Lisa Simpson. And all impossible without @Slyka. ✨

There are further details about it all, which are on the website, here:

#minuteyear #durational #soundart #lely #amsterdam #agneauzelyte #kkto #yearseven #cycleone #agentecostura #slyka

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Looking for peace by deleting my old deadname work user account of my laptop.

It's beautiful and I want to hang it on my wall as art

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