New record lathe cutting head completed! Gonna wait for all the epoxy to fully cure and give it a test tomorrow! Super excited for this!

One thing that's proven itself to be incredibly useful is to make little 3D printed drill guides. Especially handy for getting angled holes right.

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And done! My metalworking skills still aren't amazing but it for this done without any major screwups! Yay!

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New torque bar in progress. Switching from a 3D printed flexure to one of those nema 17 to 8mm lead screw couplers

The tiny ones are the one's I'm currently using. I feel like this is gonna be quite the step up in power…

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Didn't expect the new drivers for my record lathe to arrive so soon and wow they're chonky! °-°

yet again I have given in to the feminine urge to make a big thing of concrete

Also, PLA really doesn't get along well with the caustic and wet environment of the concrete which makes me kinda worried for the structural integrity of the center hub. Might have to switch to something like PETG for that if it turns out to be a problem.
Might also make sense to use PETG for the mold to make it reusable.

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Kinda wobbly though…

looks like something got under the center hub while casting, causing it to turn out at a slight angle. Looks like I need to fixture it better for the next attempt

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I feel like everyone is missing the most important part in this very serious debate about AI sentience! Meow.

After a bit of a hiatus (which was really just me getting really distracted by photo chemistry) I'm working on my record lathe again. Took some time yesterday to cast the concrete platter which now gives me some time where I can just do nothing while it cures over the next few days and still feel productive.

Got myself some Erythrosine dye for dye sensitization experiments and ended up making a *very* pink fountain pen ink. I love it!

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