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:boost_requested: Stream Promo :alexis: 

Metroid Dread stream? :blobfoxpeekowo:

Metroid Dread stream. 30 minutes. Be there if you dare!! 💙

Gonna be handing these out to some special folks when I meet them in person. 💙

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Aaaa thank y'all so much for showing up!! It was a wonderful stream, and I'm really happy with my performance after so much time off! :alexis:​ 💙

Thanks for a wonderful birthday! 🎉

Aaaaaaaa it's my birthday today! I am considering doing a stream for it later in the day! It would be awesome if y'all wanted to join on that! 💙

Food, drink, latte art 

We are starting to think they recognize us being here all the time.... :blobfoxowonotice:

(Poem) "She's Not Who She Used To Be" :boost_requested:​ 

Change can be very hard. Coming to terms with an identity you've been told is wrong to have, and should be hidden, is even harder. I wanted to share something very personal and meaningful today. I hope it resonates with some of y'all. 💙 :heart_trans:

Aaaaa thanks to everyone who was able to make the stream!! It was a really chill one to come back on! 💙

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