Thanks so much to those of y'all who came to the stream!! It was great! 💙

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Taking a short break, but will be back momentarily!! 💙

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Still playing!! Just going for a quick break, but I'll be back in a few! 💙

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It's finally time. Time for more Metroid Dread. 💙

Hopefully playing until I finish it this time!

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Good news! Both parts of the SA2B:Rando that @karma and I did have now been uploaded to our PeerTube instance. :blobfoxhappy: 💙

Full Stream (August 28, 2021)

Full Stream (August 29, 2021)

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Here's the recording from yesterday's Metroid Dread stream. Enjoy! 💙

Hey, y'all! I woke up kinda late and my roomie just got back from a convention. I'm gonna be skipping the usual morning Beat Saber stream today and instead I'm just gonna be playing Metroid Dread hopefully until I beat it. See y'all then! I'll make an update post on when I'm going to start that. 💙

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Here we are! Recordings from today's Beat Saber stream and last night's Metroid Dread stream! 💙

Metroid Dread (10/09/21)

Beat Saber Stream (10/10/21)

Aaaaaaaa thanks y'all for showing up to the stream if you did! It was a blast as usual! :blobfoxhappy: 💙

Taking a break to eat!! Then I'll be back with more Metroid Dread. :blobfoxuwu: 💙

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