long post, neurodiversity and ADHD 

If you wanna read some following discussion here, I can say a few things.

is 100% part of being . It affects every aspect of my life, including my emotions, the way I interact with others, the way I react to things around me, and the way that I think and act. There are things I've experienced that are normal to me that most look at and think is off or strange about me specifically. If anyone out there has ADHD and is told or has convinced themselves that they are *not* neurodivergent, I'm here to tell you that you need to change that mindset.

There are so many things in my life that I wish I had known could be explained by just knowing my own mental disorder better, things that aren't explained or are dismissed as "not real symptoms" even by the medical community. I think for this post, one that is the most prominent for me and would likely be incredibly relatable to other folks and likewise a wake up call for neurotypicals would be emotional dysregulation.

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