Food, drink, latte art 

We are starting to think they recognize us being here all the time.... :blobfoxowonotice:

Selfies, ec :boost_ok:​ 

I asked to edit my selfies again,,, :blobfoxmelt:​💙

I believe I said to my roommate @asonix, "I look like I'm a high schooler straight out of the early 2010's, except I'm 26."

Selfies, ec, :boost_requested:​ 

Some wonderfully edited foxxo selfies, courtesy of my girlfriend @Gumby 💙

Good morning! 💙 (selfies, ec) :boost_ok:​ 

I tried on one of my skirts today, I think it worked out pretty well! 💙

Good morning! 💙 (selfies, ec) :boost_ok:​ 

Morning, y'all!
What a wonderful day for it to get up to 90F (~32C) once again. :blobfoxmelt:​💙

Good morning! 💙 selfies, ec :boost_ok:​ 

Goooooood morning, masto friendos! 💙
Hope y'all are having a lovely day~

Hey y'all, happy !

This is your reminder that I am a dork and had to be told by my good friend @asonix back in the day that I was gay before I even realized it. 💙

Selfies, ec :boost_ok:​ 

Maaayyybe tried a bit too hard to put something together for y'all this morning. 💙 :heart_trans:

A wonderful :dragnmlem:​ derg friend sent me some fancy writing supplies and I've been using them to jot down some of my poetry! 💙

This is my favorite so far, "Black Rose, Gray Skies", and you can read over at:

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