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Well, first of all, I'm neurodivergent and *incredibly* ADHD. If you want help on defining either of those terms and wanna read some starting discussion on my specific mental disability, you can visit this handy site I made:



long post, neurodiversity and ADHD 

If you wanna read some following discussion here, I can say a few things.

is 100% part of being . It affects every aspect of my life, including my emotions, the way I interact with others, the way I react to things around me, and the way that I think and act. There are things I've experienced that are normal to me that most look at and think is off or strange about me specifically. If anyone out there has ADHD and is told or has convinced themselves that they are *not* neurodivergent, I'm here to tell you that you need to change that mindset.

There are so many things in my life that I wish I had known could be explained by just knowing my own mental disorder better, things that aren't explained or are dismissed as "not real symptoms" even by the medical community. I think for this post, one that is the most prominent for me and would likely be incredibly relatable to other folks and likewise a wake up call for neurotypicals would be emotional dysregulation.

re: long post, neurodiversity and ADHD 

When I say "emotional dysregulation" what I mean to say and explain is that the part of an ADHD person's brain that normally handles emotions is typically underdeveloped. It makes handling our own feelings and reactions towards things *way harder*, because we feel things so strongly, and the part of our brains that is usually supposed to control those emotions is not very good at it. Imagine an adult that had the emotional capacity of a child, and you would start to get an idea of why things are so difficult for us.

This is just *one topic*, but understanding this about us ADHD folks can go a long way in trying to understand why we are the way we are. It's not a defect, and it's often something most folks see as "quirky" and "pleasant"! However, to those folks, please understand that it does go both ways for us! When we get worked up, it's incredibly difficult for us to calm down.

re: long post, neurodiversity and ADHD 

If you'd like some tips on helping us handle that, when a situation like that arises, please *insist* on taking a second to move away from things, calm our nerves, take a deep breath, focus on something else, then come back to it. We are going to *want* to react to it immediately, but trust me that in the moment we are certainly not thinking very clearly, because of how strongly our emotions are affecting what we are thinking!

To ADHD folks: when this happens, try your *absolute best* to not react in the moment. Practice some kind or neutral phrases so that your will have them in your head when the time arises like "Hey, I think I might need to step away from this for a little bit, thank you" or "I hear what you're saying, and I want to respond, but I think I need a little time to clear my head first". Just saying something like that can often turn an incredibly volatile situation into something *much more controllable* for both parties.


re: long post, neurodiversity and ADHD 

So there's just a little bit about ADHD. If you have more questions, or suggestions, or wanna add to this discussion, please feel free to reply to this thread!! I'm almost always up for talking about this, since again, it's something that affects my everyday life, and I'm doing my best myself to better understand and reason to myself why I do the things I do, and how I can get better at mitigating the bad parts of it. 💙

If you have ADHD and read through this: congratulations!! I'm really proud of you, I know reading something like this is hard sometimes, and I'm glad you were able to put your focus on something helpful. Please remember to take the small victories too. It's hard, but they are so important. You can do this. 💙

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