#introductions post :boost_requested:​ 

Hey, I'm Alexis! :alexis:
I'm a trans-femme witchy fox girl with ADHD. At the moment, I play a lot of Beat Saber, I write poetry and sometimes songs, and I'm sysadmin for quite a few services I self-host. You can learn more by following the links in my bio, or if you're feeling generous, you could throw some money my way!

You also might know me from doing some pretty neat Xenia stickers a while back. I AM working on getting those available again, and if you wanna be informed when I'm done with that, your best bet is to follow this account. πŸ’™

#introductions post :boost_requested:​ 

@Shadow8t4 I was thinking about the Xenia stickers the other day o: I guess mine got lost in the post so I'd love to hear when you have those again


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@elfi You're are an international shipment, I withheld those since USPS was doing a big fucko wucko at the time, but I should certainly be sending them out once I get things a bit settled on my end.

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re: #introductions post :boost_requested:​ 

@Shadow8t4 Ohh! Okay <3 That's also fair, haha

I swear mail to/from the UK of all places is more reliable than to our own neighbours...

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