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Sheridan is the type of person who carries around an old school planner, he likes writing down his plans with others so he wont forget any of them~ 📒✨💖

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"You Aziraphale lookin' Pepe Le' Pew" has got to be the most specific playful insult Skunk Caudle has ever gotten.

Art by @/chukazoo

Roland the sabertooth, originally designed in 2015, and who's reappeared a few times since.

Remember that one EverymanHYBRID episode where they shoot Slenderman with a gun and it actually works? Hi, I'm Scav, and today we'll be talking about why the death of the Slenderverse was actually a Good Thing.

#glitchtober 13: Low

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Cette fois j'ai appliqué un filtre passe bas sur Audacity, ça a donné ce ton là. Et puis j'ai trifouillé les formats de fichiers sans faire exprès et ça a tout décalé en diagonale, ça me plait assez.

#glitch #art #mastoart

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A 2018 sketch of Summer and Rosa. I like to think they're friends in the elbow-to-rib way.

Summer and Rosa spend an evening in the woods just outside Midnight, 2018. Do all my OCs live there? Perhaps. Certainly. Maybe. No.

Welp, Twitter officially shit the bed by disabling RTs for both my locked acct and my alt. Also I got suspended on main for telling Scott Presler to suck my big fat dick, so I'm gonna stick to here until the glue-eating fucking idiots at Twitter eventually get their heads out of their asses and un-fuck their god-awful piece of shit website. 🙃​

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Animated a @tinydeerguy@twitter.com sticker to see how hand drawing feels in Toonboom! (It's really good actually) - Happy Friday folks~

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Oh, and since I have way less followers here I'm like, way more comfortable posting stuff that would normally go to my alt. Content warnings are nice.

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