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me posting when the sun rises: haha mastodawn

photo was provided by FaultBat on Twitter because I don't actually own a ste- I mean a Nintendo Switch

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Everyone keeps asking for Shield Cat on Nintendo Switch so here you go, totally 100% running on Nintendo Switch no clickbait....... just dont tell Nintendo 😳

anyways I guess what I'm saying is I can post more if I didn't feel like I'd be blown right off the fediverse the moment I did so lmao, I already feel like I'm posting a lot

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Sorry, I completely forgot that you can post unlisted. I guess this doesn't go on the local timeline either? I forgot how Mastodon works lmao

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I think the third thing I worry about is like (and this is part of why I don't really post) like, people who followed me back on snouts know that I can post a lot, but like, for the entire time I've been on vulpine club I haven't posted a lot, so I don't wanna just log in and be like "hey guys I am posting 50 times a day" and everyone's just like "who the fuck are you?"

Also, I don't wanna get in the loop I was in back in the day where I'd just copy paste post stuff between twitter and mastodon. I'm not interested in that lmao (though I did actively engage in both, I wasn't just one of these "I set up a crossposter on mastodon and completely forgot about it, none of my toots even link to anything oooo" people lmao)

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I guess I also worry about posting game dev stuff alongside some of the saucier furry art I post sometimes, because the game is for people of all ages, but that furry art is uh, not lmao

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the reason I don't really post these kinds of videos or whatever to Mastodon is just because this place isn't really the place to try to be a "brand" or advertise to people or whatever, and I don't want to seem like that or come off as fake lmao, but maybe I'm just worrying about it too much for no reason

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[poll] I wouldn't post like *every* game dev update (I don't really post the smaller stuff outside my discord) but would you guys want to see me post the videos I post to other sites? Here is an example, read reply for more

two people immediately said they came here from my game, so I guess I gotta update my post with "must be weird for people who follow me for my game and then I never post any game updates, just show up once in a while, post mature furry art, and leave"

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must be weird for people who only follow me on mastodon because like, on twitter and discord you'll see me often, but here I'm just some weird cryptid that shows up once in a while with an artwork, doesn't explain further, and leave

do you guys even know that I am a game developer?

vanilla dome? no thanks, I'd rather go to the kinky dome

joke about transphobia 

"There are only two sexes" yea, the bad sex (which is what you're having) and the good sex (which is what I'm having)

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