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I know I don't really talk here much anymore, but if any of you cool people want to check out my discord chatroom you can. there's a lot of tech nerds, game developers, and lgtbq people in there and also I post about my game most frequently in there so I think its worth looking at

I was drawing and this weird cat appeared on the screen? Giftart for osmoru on Twit

suggestive art 

just some squeaky fun time (commissioned work)

nsfw furry art 

thats a big dog on a small cat 😳 commission for the ever so patient Reyathae, I really liked drawing this one >:)

2021 summary of art! Sometime near the beginning of the year I figured out how to draw. Hope I dont forget!

nsfw hyper furry art 

oh no she's gotten into the cookies, oh no she's eating them all and getting huge, oh no

she seems to be bringing her own milk though :blobfoxowonotice:​

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