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I've just updated the rules, at least come check out my shiny new rules (I put "don't be racist or anti lgbtq" right at the top now so I can immediately get rid of chumps) (before it was like rule 3 now its rule 1)

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I wanna at least get 420 members so I can make weed jokes

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Come on by my chatroom, you dont have to chat but I wanna get 500 members so I can get that discord partner and everyone can look and think I'm a lot fancier than I am and I'm 2/3rds of the way there!!! Help me appear to be an elite popufur

Here's a character design commission I did. I'm pleased with the results!!

(please note that I generally don't do character design/ref sheet commissions, so please don't ask)

Drawing this morning if you like drawings that happen in the morning

anyways here's a screenie from the game and also a screenie of a video I took the other day for a minigame I'm working on. it's all going well I think

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but yea honestly I've just been sticking to posting gamedev updates mainly in my own server. You can join if you like!! but I haven't been using social media otherwise much lately (including Twitter) I usually just post art or whatevers on my mind and then leave lmao

anyways heres that invite link

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it sucks honestly that the main reason I don't post any gamedev updates here anymore is honestly just because my net doesn't work well with Mastodon when posting videos, and half the time Mastodon doesn't accept them anyways, and it all just ends up being too much of a hassle. Sorry guys haha

as a tradeoff, I do post all art I draw to this account, including the porn, so I mean that's something right?

MOAR trans rights!!! (Commissioned work)

I always love drawing cute characters and this was a fun one hehe

nsfw furry art, extreme hyper 

no you dumb fox now look how hyper you are!! she's so smug and she can't even move!!

probably one of the most hyper pics I've drawn LOL but it was mainly back view/anatomy practice

Streaming some art today but its mature so you gotta be a grownup to see it

The commissions are closed now, thank you!

On a related note, if anyone had an issue with the commission site or the form itself, please let me know!

alright I found the commissioner! I still am looking for one more commission this round

re: furry art, bulge (with correction) 


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furry art, bulge (OwO) 

Trans rights!!!!!! (Commissioned work)
I had a blast with this one! Wasn't sure what to do with the background but you see what I did with it :transgender_flag:โ€‹

Streaming art but only for grownups today. Come on by if you are grown up!!

Nobody told me the image at the top of my commissions page was a broken link, since it was cached on my computer I didn't see it but when I updated the page it was like "bye" and I was like "oh"

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