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playing dmca free jazz in my stream so here's a dmca free lance (dmca free because I'm not gonna dmca myself)

I like how even after opening the content warning, mastodon still doesn't show the pic, so in that post I get to play people twice

Every month in my server we pick a set of games to play and talk about. This month the games are
- Day of the Tentacle
- Cave Story
- Transistor
- Axiom Verge
Like these games? Never played but wanna? Come on by and chat!

alright so the ones I posted previously are now for the bit badges, and these with fish scales on are for subscriptions

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lmao just realized you can put badges for the bits too, which uh, since pretty petals are the main currency in shield cat maybe these should be for the bits and the subs should be something else

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working on Twitch subscription badges for people who give me money on Twitch (which is now a thing, apparently)

update: I got the email about being an affiliate but its talking about putting ads on my videos which I'm not vibing with, I'm not big on the idea of maybe getting 1 cent just to have pizza hut talking about breadsticks for the entire stream and bugging everyone with it

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I stopped looking on the off chance that they continue taking days away until I owe them days and have to stream two regular streams in a single day to catch up

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twitch sending me a post stream stats thing: you have streamed over 6 days
me: bs I streamed 7 days let me check this website
the website: you have streamed over 5 days
me: my guy what

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also once twitch's fancy computers catch up, I'll have affiliate status, so that's cool!! (all they have to do is process that I did a stream today, I already blew past the other requirements heh)

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very sleepy today but I finished one of my commissions, which is the first one I've done in a while. feeling great to get back into this!!! gonna go relax now haha

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