Everyone liked the lady from the other day so I gave her proper lineart and coloring

I feel like my shading style has gotten overly complex so I'm trying to scale it back to make it simpler and more appealing? Do you think I succeeded? Like comment and subscribe if you want to see more stuff colored like this

so, yesterday I put a post about if I couldn't get any patrons and kept losing them like I have been I was gonna have to cancel the game and that sure got people on the patreon lmao

I guess the way to get people to support you financially is to be real about it

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@DHeadshot oh yea, I watched a video about "chasing the beam" on the 2600 and it's a marvel to me that anyone was able to get anything to show on that console lmao

@DHeadshot heck ye, yea I've been messing with assembly here and there on the NES. I don't have a flashcart but I do have Mesen and also a good friend who has actually released a game on NES and is now working on an SNES game. It's challenging but in a fun way

I never really know what to talk about on Mastodon. Anyone here use 6502 assembly?

@dheadshot well, this has been an issue for a long time, which I bet will only further become a problem because of the super followers lmao

that, or maybe people there are just tired of seeing what I post? because I know I started posting about 6502 assembly, nes dev, and marcus' adventure and suddenly I got new followers and engagement so I'm like alright, maybe people just aren't interested in what I'm doing currently

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man, my growth has all but halted on Twitter and I think the algorithm is just working against me because I use such keywords as commission, patreon, and discord lmao come on guys I just want clout 

not that I really want it of course but it's like, I gotta have some kind of popularity to get people to support my patreon so I can have money to work on this game lmao

if I had someone just drop all the money I needed to do it or had some kind of publisher agreement I wouldn't chase clout at all and would just do my own thing because I do not wish to be Perceived

Do you guys like what I do and want to support me doing it? Please consider my Patreon! I work hard every day on art, music, programming, and what have you and it's all paid for by people online like you. Thank you!

my big art thing honestly is just to do the kind of style that works for the specific piece I'm doing rather than strictly adhering to any one technique

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3 avatars I got done today! (which all have different shading styles I've just realized lmao)

did you know my chatroom has almost 400 members? it's an elite popufur and you can come by and become an elite popufur too discord.gg/NdYQXJUwRd

I don't know if I mentioned it on mastodon because I don't post here much but I've been kinda behind due to this month just having a lot of stuff happening in it, but I've still been working on things! just not at the pace I would like

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