Hey guys. I've written about the SAGE 2022 demo, how it went, and most importantly, the future of Shield Cat. I also wrote about commissions, as well as a glimpse into what's next. Please read it, as it's rather important, thank you

re: shield cat achievement spoiler 

@ben but you say the screensaver activated? the game should have marked it internally and given it to you later

re: shield cat achievement spoiler 

@ben the game keeps track of them in a way besides just doing it on steam (which is why you can load up a save file from the itch version with the steam version and get a bunch of achievements all at once, which is funny to see)

re: shield cat achievement spoiler 

@ben maybe, but the achievement should still go through sooner or later anyways

More experimentation with shading. Idk about you guys but it's much easier for me to do it this way than any other way I've done it lmao and I think the result is good too?

re: shield cat achievement spoiler 

@ben the second the animation starts it activates the achievement

re: shield cat achievement spoiler 

@ben I've heard of the screensaver achievement not working for some people but I haven't figured out why (all it requires is that no input is happening)

@ben woah that's a lot of time!! congratulations!!

I re-made a pixel headshot of Violet by @Roxy using beads at Nordlicht.

Trying out the new Forums feature of Discord by having people make topics for the games they're working on. My server (somehow) became a hub for game developers, so I'm hoping that this allows them to flourish and post about their games more
check it out!

By the way, I meant to say "shield cat's DEMO is done" but I wrote this up real quick before I had to leave for a bit so I just thought dumped and put it out there. Shield Cat is not done, just the demo haha

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Do I owe you art? A Patreon reward? Now that Shield Cat's done, I'm gonna get back to commissions and I want to make sure everything is correct! Please check this post for more information, thank you

@ben it should warn when it's running at below 60fps. Without a steam deck of my own, it's not something I can test out though

@ben @Tak I've heard for at least 1 person that it defaulted to proton for some reason. I don't own a Steam Deck, but it's worth looking into (you can know in the bottom right of the game if it says WIN or LIN)

@ben Shield Cat doesn't use Deltatime so the game will run at 60fps on a 60hz display and 40fps on a 40hz display. There's nothing I can do about that

Only having pausing partially implemented is fun because you get to encounter several "loud = funny" moments

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