Beat Night in the Woods and I'm feeling really introspective now about myself, where I've been, what I'm doing, and where I'm going

my mom got me super mario bedsheets and while I feel I'm a bit old to be having mario bedsheets I also definitely wont turn down free new bedsheets

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@DHeadshot I have no idea but I don't think I'll ever be able to see a professional ever so I just gotta try to understand on my own


What do people mean when they're talking about "the dems will compromise to get that 0% republican vote"
me seeing what's going on rn with the covid 19 bill: oh

man I forgot usb drives were this small nowadays, you could just plug this bad boy in and completely forget about it

I'd get one for my cheap chromebook with linux on it if it didn't have only 2 USB ports lmao

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whens amazon gonna become the weed man, come on there's no reason why I can't order USB thumbdrives and get a little brownie with them

@Kaffe @kat yea I tried some third party stuff and windows options to limit the bandwidth and none of it worked so I ended up just trying the demo by letting the download run all night lmao

@kat does it let you control the bitrate at which it downloads the game?

@cinnamon honestly all the reasons to own a wii u are slowly being taken away

man I liked what I played of FFXIV and like I'd play more of it but you gotta use Square Enix's launcher to update the game and like, any time it updates it uses 100% of my internet and it takes *forever* because my internet is not fast, so I'm just like eh

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one of the questions on the test was "you put off tasks that you perceive as being difficult or a big undertaking" and I'm like hell yea thats me I build up stuff in my mind big and then it ends up just not even being a big thing

Anyways now that I'm thinking about it I don't really know what to do with this information. All I know is that this actually was supposed to be part of the original post and I forgot to put it in

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been thinking I might have ADHD, especially after a dream I had where I posted a tweet like "how many times can you see a post about ADHD and go 'haha relatable' before you have to go 'uh oh'" and yesterday when I was waiting on my computer I took some online test and the online test was like dang you should go really see someone and I'm like dang

@doxxy I'm trying to work out this new schedule where I'm productive in the week and have weekends off, but since I had to do a bunch of stuff this week I'm still gonna try to do stuff this weekend, but at my own pace. I gotta get my game ready for this demo

Thinking about it now, I don't really think there's many people who were snouts users who still interact with me on different sites/twitter that weren't people that I already knew prior to joining snouts. Most of the people who interact now are people who were already on the fediverse on different instances, or people who have followed me on Twitter for ages anyways

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@yaodema oh yea there were some neat people running the place for a time, but even they don't seem to want anything to do with me now. I've long since given up on trying to maintain any kind of friendship or whatnot with anyone from Snouts that I didn't previously know

@doxxy @kat flashing back to my old house where the landlady's husband misheard my mom about "someday" and thought she said "sunday" and came by on sunday to do a fence

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