people on here with the twitter verified badge make me laugh

@digitalfox not really, but her lore is the same of all metamagicia, the same species as in my game, so there's a lot lore stuff there

@digitalfox well she's made of magic so that's just a little bit peeking through

local fox goes nwn, how's she do that?

little speed doodle to see if I can still draw or not, took just over a half hour

is it too late to make undertale drawings? (I drew this guy from memory dont @ me)

@Okesska oh yea lmao I'm at the 🤏 dinosaur part and it's been an experience so far

@Okesska I'm glad I'm finally playing it, first couple times I never made it out of onett lmao

@nilsding I don't really talk about it but I don't hide it either

me when I'm talking to professional people online: what if they find out I sometimes draw furry porn

*walking up to a couple* which of you is the mastodom and which is the mastosub

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it's amazing how computer graphics have come such a long way that we've gone from them needing tons of computers to render toy story to now people can make 18+ 3D furry animations on their home computer

re: self re: weird musing 

@heatherhorns yea definitely like, I don't want to hold someone's past against them like that, but like, saying stuff like "everyone did it" is like, are they trying to justify that behavior somehow??

self re: weird musing 

like I'm glad you learned from the past and got better, but I still feel like it's weird to be like "yea everyone had a phase like that" because like, no they didn't lol

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weird musing 

people will sometimes talk about "oh yea 10 years ago I used to say homophobic and transphobic stuff but I got better, everyone has a phase like that I think, it was the internet back then" and I'm just like, I guess????? sorry I didn't have a phase like that lol I was too busy trying to find actually funny stuff to say

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