sneak peek at a very rough draft of the big pic I'm working on. biggest piece I've done yet with the most characters involved

Gonna have a surprise for my $5 US+ patrons soon enough (maybe 2-3 weeks??) so if you wanna be one of the first to know about it you should consider it!!

You can also start working toward getting this print of Parker* hehe

(potted plants not included)

[music wip] bringing this song back to its roots and finally working toward a version I like

lmao every time I do thin lineart l get to this point and remember why I don't do it: it takes way too long to try to color it

nsfw doodle, tentacles 

still not really used to android drawing but it's OK for a quick self indulgent sketch

Commissioned work for @kirbizard featuring Trent Shield Cat. This one was a lot of fun hehe

My good friend made a suggestion about the expensive tier and I of course had to do it

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There's also this joke tier that I know no one's gonna go for lmao

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Hey guys! I set up my Patreon where now it has physical rewards if you support me on there! Here's some mockup images, soon enough I'll have the real things to show you

For $5/month for 3 months you can get that Parker print, so check out details here!

using this spiral from the game to hypnotize people into supporting me on Patreon I wanna be making $2021/month in 2021

Lance attempts to teach Billie how to spin but it doesn't go well

Princess Carolyn but she's about to hit you with that updated autopsy report

Wonder how many people who played Shield Cat realized that, in the app icon behind Lance, it's the colors of the pansexual flag

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