More experimentation with shading. Idk about you guys but it's much easier for me to do it this way than any other way I've done it lmao and I think the result is good too?

Really hope they clean this carpet before the demo comes out tomorrow...

Are you a streamer, reviewer, or just someone really cool, and you want to get a Demo Pre-Release key? Now you can! Please fill out the attached form, but please keep in mind, I don't want you sharing the whole demo before release 😳 Thank you!

In a week you'll be able to try out the spinning otter right at home on your personal computer!! Be sure to wishlist so you don't forget

me adding new stuff to my game before the demo drops? what could possibly go wrong?

I really like the idea of swirling collectibles though rotating around a central point 😳

I drew my fursona in the meme outfit...
...she's not too happy about it

Everyone who wants to participate in my game's open demo beta join my server

I completely forgot to post to Mastodon that my game's demo date is September 2nd as part of SAGE!! So now I'm posting it!! There's gonna be lots to explore and tons of collectibles so I hope you check it out!!

Store page:

They went and made my chatroom real and official 😳 now you can join the OFFICIAL Shield Cat server 😳

Wanna post about the Patreon on here in case any of you guys like my game and wanna support it 👀 if you wanna get your name on the demo when it comes out this will be your last opportunity to do so

Did a little doodle of the Finji weasel being a little rascal. What can I say, I have a soft spot for mustelids

I improved my website, though if it's "better" or not is up to you to decide

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