within the next couple days I'll be opening for commissions. If you wanna get notified immediately when I open, head to my hot discord chat and react to this status - it's the one I mention when the commissions open


Updating my commission terms, bad news for people who like NFTs

Good news if you are wanting to commission me: all my commissions are now in progress, which means soon enough I'll be able to accept more

I have one slot open for this! Pledge for 3 months and get an avatar, continue pledging and get more avatars! This toot will disappear when its filled (I'll open more slots next month so I can have a nice rotation)

playing dmca free jazz in my stream so here's a dmca free lance (dmca free because I'm not gonna dmca myself)

alright so the ones I posted previously are now for the bit badges, and these with fish scales on are for subscriptions

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working on Twitch subscription badges for people who give me money on Twitch (which is now a thing, apparently)

alright, did sketches for 4 of my commissions and here's my little cooldown sketch of roxy. feels nice to be finally doing this

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