nsfw furry art 

oops she's fallen and she needs help getting off- I mean up

whenever I make a new sona I always gotta draw her nude :blobfoxpeekowo:​

Everyone liked the lady from the other day so I gave her proper lineart and coloring

I feel like my shading style has gotten overly complex so I'm trying to scale it back to make it simpler and more appealing? Do you think I succeeded? Like comment and subscribe if you want to see more stuff colored like this

3 avatars I got done today! (which all have different shading styles I've just realized lmao)

I wanna fly sky high, let's go together (commissioned work)

Rawr! (commissioned work)

really love to draw dragon cuties hehe

Let's go! (Commissioned work)

people have been asking me more and more to do pride stuff and every one makes me go >:)

just a quick doodle of the monster bun version of my sona to see if I still know how to draw or not

Here's an artwork I did for Havoc Fox's July newsletter! After a lot of hard work, they got their kickstarter funded


Roxy's gonna be appearing in a game (besides shield cat wow!) so I had to make a ref for her "in-game" version, which is a simplified (and standardized) version of her for use, well, in games heh

Commissions are open! Please see my commission page for prices and availability! Please also note that I mainly want to focus on sketch style and avatars in this batch, so if you commission a full color, it may take longer. Thank you!!

Snow day! (Commissioned work)

I seem to have gotten good at drawing conifer trees, I wonder why πŸ€”

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