local fox goes nwn, how's she do that?

little speed doodle to see if I can still draw or not, took just over a half hour

@Roxy I think it's pretty conclusive - you can still draw. And she's cute!

And as a general note, I rather like the complementary, attention-getting blue for her nose, mouth, and claws.

@Roxy Ooh, fancy! Do her cyan hues have special meaning, or is it literal magic, or something else..?

@digitalfox well she's made of magic so that's just a little bit peeking through

@Roxy Interesting… It reminds me a bit of this synthetic data-fox's hints of the simulation powering him, albeit with technology instead of magic and it's not visible unless he's damaged.

Out of curiosity, do you have more written about her somewhere?

@digitalfox not really, but her lore is the same of all metamagicia, the same species as in my game, so there's a lot lore stuff there

@Roxy Noted! I'll see about taking a look when I've got the energy. And thank you for answering my curiosity =^.^=

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