was reading an article about secrets in tunic and they referred to the protagonist as your "lupine" friend

yea the first secret you need to find out is that that's a fox

@Roxy maybe they don't know the latin words for fox and wolf so they just guessed

@ben I'd let it slide if the article didn't have other spelling mistakes lmao

@Roxy maybe they don't know any words and they're doing remarkably well for someone who doesn't know any words

@Roxy I'm guessing they got the word confused with vulpine

@Roxy In their defense, it's a tiny fox as the game says. Maybe they needed to squint…

In seriousness, it does bring to mind whether anyone's modified Tunic to do character model swaps.

@digitalfox oh yea that's true, and the camera does zoom out a lot sometimes

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