another day, another person to whom me and others explain what mastodon is and answer questions during the span of over an hour just for them go to "I won't use mastodon"

why'd you ask then????

I'm also noticing that people seem to have the completely wrong ideas about what mastodon is, so when you try to explain it for reals, first you have to break down their preconceptions (which can get *pretty* wild)

@Roxy maybe out of politeness, genuine curiosity, or they think it's just a fad

@Roxy I'm curious--how wild are we talking here?

@Felthry I couldn't even understand where they were coming from with some of it on this last one, but I think they were under the impression they had to make a new account in each instance to talk about different subjects, or something?

@Roxy I can kind of see how they would have gotten that idea but it's 1) very wrong and 2) very distorted

@Roxy I just got so tired of always explaining it to people so I'm just like.

Hey I'm here, if you don't like it, you don't have to be.

@Roxy this past year we've had multiple people not understand how federation works. They've assumed that our instance is 100% just horny because of the name, and have gone around making unsolicited sexual jokes/advancements towards strangers. One of them even claiming that discord is better, despite discord being obviously different.

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